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Our flexible approach means we can deliver each of our customers a unique structure, tailored to their exact needs at a very competitive price. We also make it easy by providing a full service including groundworks, planning and maintenance.

The size and usage of your building can be easily adapted as your business grows and the canopies will quite literally stand for as long as you want them to.

Buildings can typically be designed, installed and fully operational within 8 weeks of ordering, after which we also offer a comprehensive servicing package to ensure you’ll always have the support you need.

Temporary industrial buildings offer flexible solutions to industrial requirements

The team have worked relentlessly, every day in all conditions and ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with my team, making this task as smooth as possible for both parties. What a great bunch of lads you have.

Tim Garbett

General Manager, Wincanton, Wickes

Some of our clients

Some of our clients

Some of our clients


In a logistics environment where freight is constantly on the move, it’s important to have structures on site that facilitate operations.


For the storage sector, temporary warehouses can be an ideal option, as they are a simple and effective way to increase capacity.


Optimum use of space and flexibility is essential for any fast growing e-commerce business to keep up with demand.


No matter what sort of products are manufactured in a premises, our buildings can be a suitable choice if you need to expand the facility for the short or long-term, 

Port & Harbour

Whether you need to house large machinery, allow crane access or store sensitive items, all our solutions are tailored specifically to your needs.. 


UKWA membership gives us access to support from Britain’s leading trade organisation for the logistics sector, ensuring that we continue to operate safely, ethically and maintain high standards of operation.

Alcumus Safe Contractors accreditation has checked that we meet the necessary requirements around health and safety, equal opportunities, diversity and environmental management practices.

Steel clad projects

Prefabricated steel-clad construction can reduce overall building costs significantly compared to other materials and the off-site preparation can help to improve the cost predictability of the project further.  It also offers the advantage of being quick to install so there is minimal disruption to your facility. Buildings are relocatable, sustainable and the strong, impenetrable nature of steel cladding makes it popular for areas where security is of high-importance.

This material has a lower carbon footprint on the whole because there is typically less waste produced in the manufacturing process but, at the end of a building’s serviceable life, steel cladding can be easily collected, recycled and melted down to create new products, helping to contribute to its environmentally sound properties.

Domes & Canopies

Steel frame structures with a PVC cover are no less durable or water tight than steel-clad buildings and neither are they the short-term option.  Both are built to last, which is why we recommend either for warehousing operations.  Personal preference plays a big role in determining which to choose for your business and often it will come down to aesthetics, available space, usage and security.



What type of industrial buildings do you specialise in?

Our structures include commercial canopies and tunnels, mounted to existing buildings or freestanding, as well as large-scale domes (fixed or telescopic), rigid-clad and steel portal frame structures suitable for a range of industrial use. 

We need more than just a temporary solution, what about the long-term?

Everyone’s interpretation of what temporary means is different. It could be 3 months or 30yrs but for us, it means flexibility. Our buildings are easy to dismantle so if you only need a short-term fix then this is no problem but if your short-term building plans end up being long-term permanent fixtures then that is also fine. Our buildings are prefabricated, which is why they’re perceived to be temporary but the strength of our construction materials reflects our ambition to design structures that last!

Surely a traditional build would be a more reliable option for industrial applications?

We understand that industrial structures must be able to facilitate operations effectively and consistently perform at a high level as part of daily operations, whatever that may involve. Our robust building solutions are ideal for fast-paced, high-pressure environments where there is little room for error but are equally as reliable providing secure storage space on any scale.

Do your buildings require planning permission?

In most circumstances, the answer is no or at least the requirements are mimimal. We are very happy to share with you a copy of the professional advice regarding the planning criteria relevant to our structures and should permission be necessary then we can also submit the application on your

What is the process of working with you?

We are an independent family-run business and everyone is all hands-on-deck. The senior people you see in the initial consultation will work with you as partners and be involved as well as approachable through the project with regular site visits and phone updates. You will not be referred to a call centre to speak to someone who is unfamiliar with the job and from start to finish, we’ll take care of everything with a full turnkey service. The first stage is most crucial and involves an in-depth survey of your site to ensure we fully understand the needs of your organisation as well as a discussion around finance options, timings and any planning considerations. We will happily assist you with any local authority preconditions and provide you with detailed 3D drawings of our bespoke designs.

Are you able to design us a building that fits an irregular space and with an unusual configuration?

If required, then our designs can be fully bespoke, tailored to your operation. We are not deterred by any complex challenges and, with over 30 years experience, know how best to optimise the space available, no matter how restrictive it may seem. Our customised building solutions are designed to suit the individual needs of our clients and are not limited to standard dimensions or shape. They can fully integrate with your existing buildings as well as security, heating or electrical systems and be equipped with full, part or no insulation as required.

How quickly can we be up and running in the new building?

We have got the process of rapid construction & quick installation down to a fine art! Buildings can typically be designed, installed and fully operational within 8 weeks of ordering. Manufactured off-site, a small or medium-sized canopy can be erected in a matter of days on an existing concrete base so there is minimal disruption to daily operations if no additional groundworks are necessary.

Will a prefabricated structure really be able to stand up to change as our business grows?

We’ve already talked about how temporary means flexibility in terms of duration but it also means flexibility in terms of location (our buildings are easy to relocate if you move), usage (their function is easy to adapt depending on your business’ needs) and progression (structural size can be modified as your business expands). We work with many organisations, big and small, to deliver high performance warehouse and logistics solutions for a wide range of applications and understand that your industrial buildings are business critical. Investing in a covered structure rather than bricks & mortar is a versatile and efficient strategy that can offer rewards for as long as you need it to.

Your buildings may be more cost-effective than bricks & mortar but should we be prepared to fork out for continuous maintenance and servicing?

Our objective is to provide additional square footage without sacrificing durability so there should be minimal to no maintenance required. Steel-framed structures are engineered to stand up to extreme weather conditions and we are always driving to achieve greater longevity for our industrial buildings. We take a keen interest in their upkeep and regular servicing is recommended. We will gladly survey a structure during its lifetime to help identify any potential risks of damage and service contracts can be tailored to individual needs, however these are not a prerequisite. We can provide fast, efficient support or any maintenance that may be required and will go out of our way to ensure your building continues to meet our high standards.

You talk about the strength of building materials but how does steel & PVC compare to bricks?

There’s no doubt that bricks are tough but steel holds its own as one of the strongest and longest-lasting materials in the building industry. Hot-dip galvanised steel frames provide a strong, corrosion-free structure conforming to BS 6399 Building Regulations (snow and wind loadings) that’s engineered to last. Buildings are covered with a heavy duty, flame retardant PVC-coated polyester fabric that provides protection against the elements, is abrasion resistant and tested to British Standard BS 6399. In the recent storms, said to have been some of the worst to ever hit the UK, our buildings, even those in the ports & harbours, which experienced devastating maritime conditions, are still standing strong and fully operational.

Can you offer us any final assurance before we place an order?

Despite using the highest grade of materials, we understand peace of mind is paramount for the customer, and so we can arrange and supply an Insurance Backed Warranty on any of our structures, at cost.

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