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Cricket is arguably the sport most dependent on the weather and indoor venues are increasingly being sought-after by local clubs and organisations. This provides opportunities for the sport to grow and play to continue all year round, regardless of the conditions outside.

Topping up the training during the winter months gives players a chance to develop and harness their skills and technique, which they can carry forward to the traditional outdoor game, ensuring they don’t get off to a rusty start.

We can help you create top-class, bespoke facilities in varying sizes and configurations depending on the number of lanes required and whether they are intended for nets training and practice sessions or full-scale Action indoor cricket matches.

Full service

As well as designing and installing the covered system, we can also act as principal contractors on your project, preparing the groundwork, fitting out pavilions and changing rooms as well as sourcing the netting and stumps.  Optimum surfacing can be supplied to ensure a true bounce on the ball plus the ability to take spin and the whole project will meet ECB standards.


In addition to the dry conditions, quality lighting is essential for players so they can follow the movement of the ball at high speeds and our bespoke lighting systems are installed with this in mind.

SAPCA approved

SAPCA are the recognised trade association for the sports and play construction industry in the UK. All SAPCA members go through a strict checking process:

  • Strict Admission Criteria
  • Standards of Construction
  • Code of Professional Conduct
  • Technical Mediation

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The indoor nets have been transformational in allowing us to offer an all-year facility.  Since opening the venue we have been able to launch several new projects including The Refugee Cricket Project, Girls Win, Walking Sport and Intergenerational Table Tennis.

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A prefabricated pavilion can be a quick and easy way to improve a cricket venue, providing a warm and comfortable environment for athletes to get ready or enjoy post-game refreshments and team talks.  A more cost-effective solution to bricks and mortar, the steel framed structures are no less durable and we can design the building to ensure it fits in tastefully with the surroundings.  The space can also generate a welcome additional income for cricket clubs by incorporating a bar or being rented out for meetings and social events. 

Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a tensile fabric dome or a more traditionally designed building with dual-hipped or mono-pitched roofs. The latter can be made up to three storeys high and both designs can be created in any size you require.

The internal fixtures may be fitted out in any way you require. This can include various flooring options including carpet, vinyl, timber or laminate, while your choice of suspended ceiling and wall finishes may also be provided.

Heating, lighting and plumbing can all be included in the structure as well as solar power and water recycling to minimise your carbon footprint.

Action Indoor Cricket

Cricket is evolving all the time.  The growing popularity of the women’s game and the successes of both national teams are inspiring future generations.  Action indoor cricket is considered to be an ideal vehicle for introducing younger players to the game.  It is high-intensity, inclusive and all over in less than 90 minutes so it’s ideal for short-attention spans.

Often described as an indoor version of Twenty20 because of its pace and excitement, the game is played with a maximum of eight players in a team, each of whom is required to bowl two overs and bat in a partnership for four overs.  There’s no risk of being out for a golden duck but you will incur a 5-run penalty for every wicket.


An indoor cricket fielding area is typically 30 metres by 12 metres and is enclosed by a tight netting, 4.5 metres high. The pitch itself is 20 metres long and 1.8 metres wide.  Since this is a fairly substantial size, there are limited existing sports facilities that can accommodate the game and meet the demand to play.  Rising rents and conventional building costs are a deterrent to development but our fixed domes provide an affordable alternative and can offer the same protection against the elements.

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