Eddie Stobart


The challenge

Eddie Stobart needed to increase their distribution capacity of aluminium to meet the demand of an automotive industry that was growing rapidly


The solution

To install a new roller shutter door, which would allow an additional heavy duty forklift to access the warehouse without compromising safety on an already busy site.

Key facts 

  • Electric roller shutter door
  • 5 tonne aluminium rolls
  • Forklift access
  • 4.5m x 20m x 6 m
  • Traffic light system

Project overview

Eddie Stobart need no introduction but 2016 was the first time we worked with them, specifically at their site in Daventry.  The warehouse facility there is well placed, close to the city’s international rail freight terminal, and deals with the distribution of aluminium for car manufacturing.  At the time, the automotive industry was booming and demand for high-grade aluminium was on the rise, so Eddie Stobart needed to increase their loading capacity.  

A new roller shutter door was proposed but it’s position opposite a gas tank created challenges with limited space and access.  Our solution incorporated the installation of a new concrete foundation, redirection of an emergency vehicle route and a side-wall mounted monopitch canopy to cover the new electric door.  We also devised a traffic light system that interlocked with an existing sectional door to prevent conflicts with other vehicles. 

With every aluminium roll weighing roughly five tonnes, the forklifts required to lift them were enormous and so the height of the canopy was designed to reach a lofty 6m.  

It is exactly this type of bespoke, flexible installation that we love to be involved in and is allowing forward-thinking businesses to maximise their existing facilities.