Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The challenge

Ward – To recycle an old structure and repurpose it on a new site for an alternative business use.

CopriSystems – To address the damage caused by Storm Dennis with minimal disruption.


The solution

Ward – To dismantle the structure and reassemble at their depot in Chesterfield, making full use of the retractable feature for using large machinery or maintaining operations in inclement weather.

CopriSystems – To manufacture and install a new cover quickly including additional reinforcements to reduce wind effect.

Key facts

  • Long-lasting
  • Relocatable
  • Versatile
  • Flexible
  • (W)21m x (L)19m x (H)5m

Project overview

Ward is a family business, specialising in metal recycling and waste management.  Through their own sustainability road map called the Ward Way, they are fully committed to protecting the environment and reversing the damaging effects of climate change.  Their ambition is to achieve zero landfill wherever possible and so we were thrilled to hear that they had recently managed to salvage one of our canopies from a factory site demolition.

28 years ago, we installed this structure for MFI at their national distribution centre in Northampton.  When MFI went into administration, Howdens was born and they inherited the site along with this and one other canopy of ours.  When Howdens later demolished their out-of-date factory and warehouse, Ward got the call-up to go and recycle everything.  However, they thought the canopy was so good that they decided to keep it and install it on one of their own sites.

Dan Egner, Site Manager for Ward in Chesterfield explains, “When WARD initially visited the site, as part of a demolition contract, we noticed the structure looked sturdy and well kept. At the time we had no idea the building was almost 30 years old as the structure showed no signs of wear or damage and the canvas was intact and securely fixed…WARD decided to keep the structure and relocate it to our Chesterfield depot for use. The relocation was very simple.”

Dan continues to explain, “After some initial groundwork, we reassembled the building across 3 days. The building is now used on a range of recycling projects and provides a large undercover area that allows us to continue with our operations regardless of weather conditions. The building is also retractable which is a very useful feature and allows us to move the roof back if we need to operate larger machinery or cranes in the area.”

Unfortunately, the original cover was subjected to the full force of storm Dennis and despite best intentions to repurpose it for use on other operations, the damage was too extensive so it was sent through their recycling process to recover where possible.  Dan says, “CopriSystems were able to manufacture and fit a new cover quickly, so WARD could continue to operate.”  The new cover was modified during consultation to include 36 new bracing bars to reduce wind effect in future as well as additional measures for air circulation.

Dan explains, “The structure has provided a large, covered operational space that can quickly be converted to outdoor if the project requires. It has increased our usable operational space and allowed WARD to continue to provide bespoke recycling services to our customers.”

Whether Ward keep it on this site or move it to another, the business will inevitably continue to grow and our structure has the flexibility to grow with it so we have a good feeling it will still be standing in yet another 30 years.