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With the popularity of padel rising among sports enthusiasts and the demand for courts growing fast, our sister company, PadelSystems, has been launched to help facilitate the provision of new padel venues with a dedicated team of people in place who are equally as passionate about the sport.

CopriSystems and PadelSystems will work closely together with clubs, governing bodies and private investors to design and install the padel venue you need, whether it is intended for international tournaments, club social matches or private play.  As part of our commitment to provide a turnkey solution, CopriSystems can carry out all groundworks as well as install the covered structure on indoor facilities, while PadelSystems will manage the project and supply the courts.

With over 30 years’ experience designing and installing bespoke covering systems for a broad range of sports, we can provide you with the structure you need.  Recent 3D drawings for clients have included 7m vertical sides and a curved roof to allow ample height for the ball and reduce the building’s footprint.  We have also designed structures for the top floor of a multi-storey car park, a disused warehouse and urban wasteland.  Our designs can be customised to your exact specifications, whether you are starting from scratch or enhancing an existing venue.


Structures can accommodate any configuration of single or multiple courts and can include any number of extras including viewing areas, changing rooms and social space.  We can offer you a bespoke recommendation for dimensions, layout, perimeter spacing and ventilation that suits the specific site and each structure comes with the option of retractable side curtains, which allows natural airflow when the weather permits.

Padel is great for venues looking to make sport more accessible to more people while maximizing use of space and maximising revenue potential.  It is also a very interesting prospect for schools looking to gain a competitive advantage and get ahead of the trend that is seeing many sports professionals taking up the game and influencing younger generations to do the same.

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SAPCA are the recognised trade association for the sports and play construction industry in the UK. All SAPCA members go through a strict checking process:

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The Tennis Industry Association UK (TIA UK) was formed in 1998 as the official not-for-profit trade body for the UK tennis industry. Their main objectives include growing the UK tennis economy, increasing participation in British Tennis and promoting innovation.

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