Commodore Kitchens

Bespoke Design for a Bespoke Designer

The challenge

Business growth led to an increased need for storage space to house bulky kitchen and bedroom units that were ready to be collected or delivered.


The solution

To use prefabricated canopies that integrate with their warehouse buildings but have the option of being easily modified and adapted as their business needs change.

Key facts 

  • Easy to relocate
  • Flexible usage
  • Fire retardant
  • Retractable curtains
  • Durable long-term solution

Project overview

Commodore are experts in creating, manufacturing and installing bespoke kitchen and bedroom designs to suit modern stylish homes.  As their business grew, so they required larger premises and took over an original Royal Mail site in Essex.  This already had two of our canopies and Commodore were impressed with the additional space they afforded.

After a number of years and further business growth, they bought an additional CopriSystems canopy (24m wide x 10m long x 5m high), second hand from a neighbouring competitor who had gone into administration.  We dismantled it, made some modifications to ensure it was fit for purpose at its new home and reinstalled it on the Commodore site.  This was in 2010 and the original installation on the competitor site was 2002.

A fire in 2020 caused only minimal damage to the cover thanks to the flammability rating of PVC and the steel framework was completely unharmed.  In April 2021, we replaced the cover, gable wall and side curtain doors with a few alterations. Without the fire, we have no doubt the original cover would still be as effective and strong as it was over 20 years ago. 

We put the new cover on in sections to allow the customer to still use the building for storing finished units, preventing any down time or disruption to their busy, daily operations.