Servicing & Maintenance

We take great interest in what happens to our structures once we have completed the installation and are keen to assist in their upkeep to ensure they remain in prime condition and fit for purpose. 

We are always driving to achieve greater longevity for our buildings and go out of our way to ensure yours meets our high standards in the first instance but some wear and tear is inevitable over time.  We can provide fast, efficient support if it is required but often, significant damage can be prevented with a sensible service plan in place. 

We recommend that you survey a structure regularly and are happy to tailor servicing contracts to suit your individual needs.

What we can offer

  • Regular site visits
  • Responsive care for urgent repairs
  • New covers
  • Cleaning
  • Modernisation – energy-efficient improvements etc
  • Building extensions and modifications
  • Relocation
  • Maintenance – major and minor repairs
  • Building assessments to identify snagging issues or potential risks
  • Repainting & resurfacing


Get started…

For all enquiries on how we can help prolong the longevity of your temporary building, contact or call 01380 830 697.

You don’t even need to have one of ours, our team is happy to offer advice and find solutions for enhancing any prefabricated industrial, sports, agricultural and events structure.