Geodesic domes for events

Our domes provide an incredibly flexible event space to deliver unique and memorable experiences in. Available in spans ranging from 5m to 37m, our domes are quickly deployable and ideal for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Corporate events
  • Trade shows
  • Product launches
  • Festivals & concerts
  • and many more…

Lifetime value

Re-usable time and again due to incredible portability and easy to change appearance using low cost skins

Really green

Each dome is continuous and has a low surface-to-volume area meaning up to 30% less energy is required to heat and cool the interior

Fit for purpose

Tons of options including windows, doors, heating & cooling, graphics, interconnecting domes and loads more…

Use and re-use

Being easily re-deployable and customisable, domes often live long and dynamic lives. Their lightweight nature and range of anchoring options mean they can be installed nearly anywhere.

Transportation is made easy due to the compact nature of the dome once its uninstalled. Additionally, the fabric cover can be easily changed to give a completely different appearance.

Strength as standard

The use of heavy duty galvanized steel tubes in the dome’s construction ensures strength and durability against the British weather. However it’s the shape itself that means something so lightweight can be so strong – The American Institute of Architects signifies the geodesic dome, as “the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space known to man”.

Energy efficient

With no stagnant corners the ambient airflow within each dome is continuous meaning up to 30% less energy is required to heat and cool the interior. Also with a low surface-to-volume area, heat loss is less than that of other structures.


  • Printing of graphics and logo’s onto fabric cover as required
  • Large Bay windows, skylights and/or round windows
  • Extra doors in addition to main reinforced hoop door
  • Zip-off removable roof
  • Heating & cooling (HVAC units and solar fans)
  • Connections between domes
  • Exposed frames (cover suspended beneath)
  • Various other options available on request…

Why choose a CopriSystems dome?

We have 27 years experience working with many large corporations across multiple types of temporary structures. The domes we configure and install are manufactured in the USA by a leading supplier with over 2 decades of expertise. Our full, turnkey service brings both these elements together and ensures our clients get the right event dome, on time and with minimal fuss.


We also offer our domes as eco-homes, delivering stunning, light and open environments to stay in. These can be used as part of a resort or placed on residential land to provide additional living space. We can supply everything required to create an inviting environment including flooring, lighting and heating.

Some of our clients

Some of our clients

Some of our clients