Potter Space

Putting Rail Freight Logistics Back on Track

The challenge

Rail freight was at risk of being damaged when exposed to the elements during discharge to the Potter Space warehouse.


The solution

To install a canopy that covers the track at the point of delivery to protect weather-sensitive goods.

Key facts 

Project overview

Potter Space are an award winning rail freight logistics specialist handling a diverse range of imported goods from all over Europe.  From lard to chipboard and paper, many of these products are sensitive to adverse weather and in our unpredictable climate this led to delays in the delivery and discharge process at the warehouse.  

CopriSystems installed a 45m long canopy system that connects to existing buildings and straddles the heavily used onsite tracks. The canopy was five metres high to allow it to house rail wagons from Switzerland whilst unloading large rolls of paper into store.

“Since opening our new rail-connected warehouse, the CopriSystems canopy has been instrumental in improving service to our customers. It also gave us an excellent head start in handling our customers’ paper products”.

George Winstanley – Operations Manager