Sports structures

We’re a leading supplier of bespoke sports structures, including domes, school sports halls, gyms, training venues, leisure centres and other recreational facilities that can be used all year-round.

Having the right facilities in place can enable a more varied programme of activities that attracts a broader range of ages, abilities and socio-economic backgrounds.  The right indoor facilities can help to remove barriers to entry by providing a safer, more controlled environment in which to take part and remove the threat of bad light or bad weather stopping play.

One of our sports structures in Peterborough, UK

SAPCA approved

SAPCA are the recognised trade association for the sports and play construction industry in the UK. All SAPCA members go through a strict checking process:

  • Strict Admission Criteria
  • Standards of Construction
  • Code of Professional Conduct
  • Technical Mediation

View our listing on the SAPCA website.


The retractable sides of our sports structures enable the air within the playing environment to be constantly replaced. This is allowing organisations to continue operating in circumstances where high levels of ventilation are a requirement.

Strong and durable

Our sports buildings are not just designed to provide shelter from the rain, they’re also built to last and are fully adaptable.  We typically use high-tensile steel, which is incredibly strong, durable and hot dip galvanised for protection against corrosion.  The covers are manufactured from heavy-duty, flame-retardant, PVC-coated polyester fabric, which is also resistant to abrasion and UV damage.  Typically they are designed in a dome shape, which enables tensioning for maximum longevity and a second membrane skin can be added for extra insulation.

Fire doors are fitted to all our sports hall models, while side cladding is also available for increased security should this be required.


Providing the ultimate all-weather flexibility, our telescopic covers are the first choice for organisations that would prefer an outdoor playing environment when conditions are favourable but with the assurance that inclement weather is not going to disrupt their programme of sport.  High winds, heavy rainfall and icy court surfaces are inevitable during our unpredictable seasons but a telescopic cover is usable all year round when extended and can be retracted electrically in under 1 minute.


As an alternative to steel, glulam wood creates an attractive, natural and warm environment.  It is also sourced sustainably. By planting six trees for every single tree that is required, we are able to minimise the environmental impact of using this stylish alternative material.  What’s more, the energy consumption used in the production of glulam is very small compared to other construction materials. 

Its high strength properties and
good resistance to aggressive environments, including frost and fire, make it
a popular choice. Glulam is also pliable, which gives us more design flexibility and allows us to create these beautiful curves. 

What type of sports structure do you need?

Multi-use sports

Our domes offer ample height for all sports hall activities, from racquet sports and aerobics to five-a-side football and hockey.


We provide bespoke covering systems for indoor cricket pitches in a number of sizes and configurations, spanning between two and four lanes.

Padel Tennis

With two to three padel courts fitting into one tennis court, padel is great for venues looking to maximizing their use of space.  


We can provide high quality tennis court covers for your facilities, enabling your players to continue on playing whatever the weather.


Our domes provide flexibility for clubs with outdoor pitches, offering weather protection and lighting for evening games.

Featured sports structures

We have a unique product here at Greenacre Leisure. Having all four courts covered means that people can play tennis all year round. There is nothing like it around Newbury.

Stephen Dodridge

General Manager, Greenacre Leisure

Funding your project

Need a little help with financing your build? Our Faster Funding Plan is a flexible funding plan which enables the construction of a brand new or refurbished structure with finance options designed to suit your budget.

Additional Extras

Additional extras

No matter what kind of sports facility you operate, you can never have too much space.  A prefabricated structure can be a quick and easy way to improve a venue, providing a warm and comfortable environment for athletes to get ready or enjoy post-game refreshments and team talks.  The additional space can also be used help to increase revenue for the club by incorporating a bar for example or it could be rented out for meetings and social events.

Depending on your preferences and the nature of the sports facility, you can opt for a tensile fabric dome or a more traditionally designed building with dual-hipped or mono-pitched roofs. The latter can be made up to three storeys high and both designs can be created in any size you require.

In addition, a number of options are available so you can ensure the building blends in with its surroundings – exterior walls can include brick-effect, curtains, cedar board or steel cladding, while period features like pillars or porticos can be included.

The internal fixtures for whatever sports facility you choose may be fitted out in any way you require. This can include various flooring options including carpet, vinyl, timber or laminate, while your choice of suspended ceiling and wall finishes may also be provided.

Heating, lighting and plumbing can all be included in the structure as well as solar power and water recycling to minimise your carbon footprint.

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Some of our clients

Some of our clients