Sports structures

We’re a leading supplier of sports structures including sports domes, halls, gyms, training centres, schools, leisure centres and other recreational facilities that can be used year-round.

These bespoke structures are durable, elegant and reliable. They are designed to keep out wind and rain and are suitable for a wide range of activities. The translucent roof allows in natural light during the day, while the structures can be fitted with lighting for night-time use.

One of our sports structures in Peterborough, UK

Natural space

Our sports structures use natural light and ventilation to create incredible spaces to play in year-round


Structures can be expanded, added to or moved at any point in the future to meet the needs of the organisation


As well as the covering system, we provide surfaces and additional sports equipment such as nets


The retractable sides of our sports structures enable the air within the playing environment to be constantly replaced. This is allowing organisations to continue operating in circumstances where high levels of ventilation are a requirement.


Get the best of both worlds with a structure that will open and close at the touch of a button.

Multi-use sports

Our fixed and telescopic sports domes offer ample height for all sports hall activities, from racquet sports and aerobics to five-a-side football and hockey.


We can provide high quality tennis court covers for your facilities, enabling your players to continue on playing whatever the weather.


Our domes are a great alternative to fixed buildings for indoor football facilities and provide total flexibility for clubs with outdoor pitches, offering protection against the elements and lighting for evening games.

Padel Tennis

With two to three padel courts fitting into one tennis court and it’s surrounding area, padel is great for venues looking to maximizing their use of space.  

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Funding your project

Need a little help with financing your build? Our Faster Funding Plan is a flexible funding plan which enables the construction of a brand new or refurbished structure with finance options designed to suit your budget.

Good to know

Fixtures & fittings

Our service includes everything your new building needs including fittings such as heating and lighting as well as partitions to create offices.


Our buildings require no additional or minimal groundworks in many cases.


Electric operation can be specified and is standard for telescopic warehouse covers. Electric opening of front and rear curtain style structures is also optional as it is with retractable canopies and warehouse doors.

Up to standard

Hot-dip galvanised steel frames provide a strong, corrosion-free structure conforming with BS 6399 Building Regulations (snow and wind loadings) that’s engineered to last. Buildings are covered with a heavy duty, flame retardant PVC-coated polyester fabric which provides protection against the elements, is abrasion reistant and tested to British Standard BS 6399.


We’re used to solving complex challenges to integrate new structures with existing security, heating, electrical and space considerations.

Purchase & rental options

As an alternative to purchase our structures can be rented (depending on size) from 3 months up to 5 years, with lease/purchase as an option.

Modular design

Between the fixed frames at either end (or frame and building in the case of rear mounted structures) an unlimited number of sections can be added to increase the length of the structure.

Rapid construction

Canopies can be designed, installed, fully functional and operational usually within 8 weeks of ordering. Once manufactured and delivered on site, a small or medium sized canopy can be erected in a matter of days on an existing concrete base. Sports domes can be erected within 2 weeks to a prepared concrete base.

Some of our clients

Some of our clients

Some of our clients