Efficiency has always been a key word for CopriSystems in all warehouse construction projects.  We design and build fabric-covered structures that can stand for as long as you need them to, can act as a loading bay for goods in and out one week and a storage facility for stockpiling the next.  Our structures can be easily re-sized, relocated and repurposed.  

Efficiency is even more of a buzz word today as we, along with the rest of the construction industry, look for ways in which we can save money, reduce waste and improve their carbon footprint.  

For our clients, there is also an increasing demand for projects to be run more efficiently and it appears that more and more are seeking out a turnkey solution – one multifaceted construction company manages the project from start to finish, which means that communication is streamlined, quality is consistent, time is saved, the process is simplified and the economics are favourable.

Having just one consistent point of contact means you can avoid complications with constant changes to the operational management.  No time is wasted trying to ensure that each contractor works compliantly and harmoniously.  The turnkey solution also helps to create a more cohesive team, one that is involved from the start so knows the full history of the job, has had the opportunity to build a relationship with the client and is more likely to foresee potential risks or complications down the line that can be mitigated quickly. 

Having multiple contractors can also stifle efficiency by leaving very little room for innovation or added value.  Bringing the whole supply chain on board to support the vision of a project’s principal contractor can be challenging.  Innovation is embedded in CopriSystems’ culture and we work with people who share our values and high standards so that progress towards a more advanced solution and exceptional quality spread organically through to every aspect of a construction project. 

Innovation is about making things simpler and we have recently launched a new strategy which puts the turnkey solution at the centre of their ambition to make each warehouse construction project simpler, smarter and ultimately more efficient.

It would seem that the days of complex hierarchies with different specialists jostling for position are numbered.  The one-stop approach is the way forward!