Travis Perkins

Operations keep on running 24/7 whatever the weather

The challenge

Travis Perkins required more loading space to accommodate their growing e-commerce business with Wickes, taking into consideration their fleet of vehicles and specific insurance requirements


The solution

To install a number of structures at different distribution centres which would allow the operation to run smoothly under cover 

Key facts 

  • Rapidly growing e-commerce business
  • 24/7 warehouse operation
  • Variable fleet of vehicles
  • Minimal loading space

Project overview

Both Wickes and Travis Perkins sell products of all different shapes and sizes and they come from distribution centres, which operate 24/7. 

As consumer demand for ecommerce continues to grow so does the need for more space – internally for picking systems, conveyor belts and other necessary equipment but externally for loading and unloading.

CopriSystems installed a number of different sized structures to suit each warehouse site along with smaller canopies at their retail stores, ensuring that no products are left outside and no part of the operation is taking place in the elements.  The forklifts running back and forth into the warehouse remain dry, preventing Health and Safety issues with wet floor surfaces.