Ralph Coleman International

Whether the weather is good or bad!

The challenge

To replace a fabric-framed canopy that had blown away during harsh winter conditions.


The solution

To design a new cover that could be tensioned to give maximum strength, security and longevity

Key facts 

  • 500m2 area
  • Detailed survey
  • Original cords rotten
  • Uneven surface
  • 10yr warranty


Project overview

Tray and Pallet washing company, Ralph Coleman International, had a fabric-framed canopy at its premises in Milton Keynes, which had been installed by a different company. 

The original cover had been made in 6 sections secured to a steel frame by cords.  These had started to rot over time, which weakened their hold.  The cover therefore was unable to withstand the high winds during one particularly harsh winter and was significantly damaged.  

CopriSystems were approached through commercial property maintenance company, Sol Services, to design a new and improved cover. 

Since no drawings were available, we undertook a detailed survey of the frame and designed a replacement cover using our own secure method of attaching and tensioning.  The frame had projections, which were potential chafing points and so special paddings were introduced to ensure no wear to the new cover. We also found that the original frame was not level and so the installation team jacked up the arch to rectify the issue.

The new cover was tensioned to ensure maximum weather resistance and came with a 10 yr warranty.