Sports facilities for schools

Making sport more accessible

As one of the most important parts of a holistic education plan, participation in sport can help improve a child’s academic performance, social skills, discipline, physical health and mental balance.  It is therefore vital that the right facilities are available to help support this and ensure that sport in schools is as varied and inclusive as possible.

School facilities also play an important role in the provision of sport for the local community.  Encouraging everyone to be physically active following the recent disruption to our lives caused by the pandemic is now a nationwide priority.  By opening up school facilities to the public outside of the school day, sport can be more accessible to people of all ages and social backgrounds.

SAPCA approved

SAPCA are the recognised trade association for the sports and play construction industry in the UK. All SAPCA members go through a strict checking process:

  • Strict Admission Criteria
  • Standards of Construction
  • Code of Professional Conduct
  • Technical Mediation

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Built to last 

Our fixed and telescopic domes offer ample height for all sports and are durable enough to withstand the toughest weather conditions.  The structures are typically dome-shaped, which enables tensioning of the covers for maximum longevity.  Covers are manufactured from heavy-duty PVC-coated polyester, which is flame retardant and are translucent to allow plenty of natural light during the day.

Flexible sports halls

Indoor sport’s halls offer great potential for a range of activities as well as enabling participation all year round.  Temporary structures as opposed to traditional bricks and mortar, are a more affordable solution if you are looking to free up other spaces within the school site. 

They’re also quick to deploy so can be constructed within the holidays, to avoid any disruption to the school timetable.  High quality changing rooms, shower facilities, viewing areas and classrooms can also be incorporated as well as surfacing and equipment.

Made for your school

We have worked with many schools to create beautiful, bespoke spaces for the children’s physical education to be centred.  Whether you are on a listed, rural site or in an urban environment that is tight on space, we have the experience and are not deterred by a challenge.  Our structures can be designed to fit irregular dimensions if required and are flexible enough to be adapted or relocated.

Featured sports projects

All our school sports structures are designed in accordance with British Standards Building Regulations for snow and wind loadings and made from high-tensile steel, which is hot dip galvanised for corrosion protection.

Covers are made from heavy-duty, flame-retardant, PVC-coated polyester fabric with sliding side curtains as standard. Curtains can also be fitted at the gable ends, offering better protection against the wind. Second membrane skins can also be added for extra insulation.

All our structures conform to the relevant building codes and we are SAPCA approved.

More about our sports structures

We work with many schools and lesiure organisations across the UK to create incredible spaces to play in all year round

Some of our sports clients

Some of our clients

Some of our clients