Helping Transform The Grocery Market

Ocado, early innovators in the food market, played a huge role in transforming online grocery shopping  into what we know today.

An early challenge they faced, however, was keeping chilled and frozen products cold and in safe conditions but, importantly out of the warehouse space, to keep the warehouse free for the new products constantly coming in.

CopriSystems were brought in to design a bespoke solution to their problem.

This was achieved by designing and installing a ‘tree’ canopy, or T shaped canopy. This allowed the vans to be loaded and left undercover, plugged into mains electricity, until they were ready to deliver.

By keeping the elements away from the bodies of the vans, it protects the product and helps keep the unit at a more stable temperature, preventing unnecessary electricity usage.

Additionally, with Ocado’s vast fleet of vans rapidly increasing we also installed a canopy for basic maintenance and vehicle washing.