Bringing Further Innovation to the On-line Grocery Market

The challenge

To keep chilled and frozen products cold in safe conditions without taking up any valuable warehouse space.


The solution

To design & install a bespoke T-shaped canopy for vans to store goods at a controlled temperature until they are ready to deliver.

Key facts 

  • Bespoke design
  • ‘Tree’ canopy 
  • Controlled temperatures
  • Covered loading bay

Project overview

Ocado are leaders in the fast-growing online grocery market and continue to play a huge role in shaping the future of sustainable supermarket shopping.

With an average of 15,000 orders being delivered each day, servicing around 70% of British households, optimum storage space and accessibility within the warehouse are essential to maintain a continuous flow of products coming in and going out.

CopriSystems were brought in to develop a solution which allowed the vans to be loaded and left undercover, plugged into mains electricity, until they were ready to deliver.

The proposed ‘tree’ canopy keeps the elements away from the bodies of the vans, protecting the products inside.  This unit can be kept at a more stable temperature, in a controlled environment, preventing unnecessary electricity usage.

Additionally, with Ocado’s vast fleet of vans rapidly increasing we also installed a canopy for basic maintenance and vehicle washing.