Temporary industrial buildings


Canopies and prefabricated structures


We have extensive experience in designing temporary industrial buildings.


Our structures include commercial canopies and tunnels that can be mounted to existing structures or freestanding, as well as domes and rigid-clad structures suitable for use as permanent or temporary warehouse buildings. We also work closely with clients to customise structures to suit specific requirements.



In any industrial environment, having robust and practical buildings is a must. The structures will be exposed to a significant amount of wear and tear and they will be expected to protect their contents from the weather, as well as security threats. All our structures are carefully constructed to meet both these and the individual requirements of each of our clients.




In a logistics environment where freight is constantly on the move and strict schedules leave little time for error, it’s important to have structures on site that facilitate business operations.


That’s why industrial canopies could be the ideal option for logistics. These prefabricated structures can be built to just about any dimensions and can incorporate wide doors and tall ceilings, enabling them to accommodate large vehicles.


Not only will commercial canopies protect freight from the elements and prevent damage, they will also provide warm and dry working conditions for employees. This, in turn will promote better health and safety in the workplace and help to prevent slips, trips and falls.


Loading dock shelters can also be useful for a logistics application. They are available in rigid, telescopic and folding designs.

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No matter what sort of products are manufactured in a premises, temporary buildings can be a suitable choice if you need to expand the facility for the long-term, or if you need a temporary building for any reason.


The structures are weather-proof and designed to withstand wind, snow and rain without any trouble. They can also be erected very quickly – minimal footings are required and in many cases, a concrete slab will suffice.


What’s more, structures for manufacturing sites can be fitted out with things like electricity, lighting, water, walls and flooring, depending on your specific requirements.

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Temporary Industriral Buildings by CopriSystems


For the storage sector , temporary warehouses can be an ideal option, as they are a simple and effective way to increase capacity.


While these temporary industrial buildings may be lightweight and non-permanent structures, that doesn’t mean they are any less secure.


In fact, options can include heavy-duty locking devices and strong steel cladding to ensure that all the contents remain safe.


Depending on the size of the temporary warehouse structure, you can also opt for buildings that can accommodate lorries and forklifts – either for loading and unloading purposes or simply for storing the vehicles when not in use.

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Temporary Industrial Buildings by CopriSystems

Whether your business is involved in logistics, manufacturing or storage, if you’re looking for a way to improve your facility, a prefabricated building from CopriSystems could be the perfect choice.


Our structures have been used in a variety of projects, ranging from food handling to delivery companies and we will work with you to ensure the end result is just what you need to streamline your business.


In addition to designing and erecting the buildings and commercial canopies, we can also undertake interior fitting and grounds works, giving you a full turnkey service, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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