Covered walkways

The benefits of covered walkways

As well as our range of large domes, we can provide smaller shelters for covering walkways, ramps and entrances – all featuring the benefits of off-site construction.

They work well to connect buildings in places like schools, hospitals and transportation hubs and also work well as bus shelters and covered walkways through car parks.

There’s no doubt that your customers, employees and anyone else who visits your premises will appreciate the shelter that a prefabricated walkway cover provides – especially in the winter months when these structures provide a dry route into the building, along pavements and on stairs and ramps.

A covered walkway will help to shelter people from any inclement weather as they approach your outlet, plus it will reduce the amount of clean up you will need to worry about around the entrance.

Meanwhile, if part of your business requires working outside, covered ramps and walkways lead to better working conditions for employees and possibly reduce sickness or injury leave. These prefabricated structures will also help mitigate breaches in health and safety.

Which prefabricated walkway should you choose?

Since they are tailor made, prefabricated structures such as ramp and walkway covers can be constructed in any length necessary and we offer a bespoke service to ensure that the finished product suits your exact requirements.

Depending on the location, aesthetic requirements, loadings and budget, you can choose from steel or aluminium sections, while glulam structures may also be an option if you prefer a warmer and more natural appearance.

Meanwhile, the tensile fabric is heavy-duty polyester with a strong PVC coating. It is resistant to abrasions and UV damage. What’s more, it should maintain its practical properties and good looks for at least 20 years, giving you a long-lasting and reliable structure.

These prefabricated lightweight structures are available in a huge range of designs, including products that are mounted to existing walls or free-standing. You can also choose from monopitch or duopitch roofs, as well as barrel-vaults and curved designs to suit your preferences.

Whichever option you select, it will require minimum footings and all structures are quick to install, due to their off-site construction, helping to avoid any inconvenience to the business.

Safer queuing


These quickly deployable structures allow customers to form a socially distanced queue before entering an establishment, whilst being sheltered from the elements. Regular window spaces bring fresh air to the shoppers. 


The attached trolly park, accessible from the inside of the tunnel helps ensure the streamlined movement of people on the premises.

Trolleys can be entered into the stack from an employee only external opening, ensuring employee safety and allowing for the efficient cleaning of individual trolleys.


Electronic doors can be added to the end of the tunnel allow the next shopper to make their way to the main entrance.

The tunnel itself is retractable and mounted on wheels for easy relocation.

Our social distancing structures are available for both hire and outright purchase.




Walkway covers

These wheel mounted structures are extremely cost effective, easily deployable and maintain an outdoor feel for people queuing, whilst keeping them sheltered from the sun and rain.


Automated dividers

Our electronic pedestrian door ensures people keep at the required social distance whilst queuing. The doors can be standalone within existing buildings or within one of our external tunnels. The doors are low cost and can be installed quickly subject to existing electricity, access, location etc.

The dividers can be set up as a single door or as multiple doors in a line which can be operated by a single switch by an employee at the front, allowing each person in the queue to move forward one bay at the same time. The doors can also be wired into the existing fire alarm system, ensuring that if the alarm sounds, all doors will open to allow people to exit safely.

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