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Prefabricated architecture for retail and garden centres

With the difficult British climate, keeping outdoor retail areas – such as those in garden centres – covered, dry and warm can be of great benefit to a business, as it will help to ensure your customers are comfortable and willing to spend more time browsing the goods on offer.

We’ve been designing, building and installing prefabricated structures and lightweight buildings for more than 25 years. Our systems are both stylish and unobtrusive and the finished products work well in retail areas and other public spaces.

Prefabricated buildings for retail spaces

There are many retail situations where the prefabricated architecture from CopriSystems may be put to good use – and one of the most popular locations for these structures is in garden centres. While the plants in a garden centre may enjoy a bit of wet weather on occasion, strong winds could damage them and it’s unlikely that your customers will enjoy browsing your product range in inclement weather. In addition, there may be other products in your retail space that don’t hold up well under wet, windy or cold conditions – for example, books about gardening, timber and packets of seeds.

By making use of our prefabricated architecture, you’ll be able to easily cover your entire retail space. Plus, with their translucent ceilings, the domes will let in plenty of natural sunlight during the day, helping to maintain a sense of the outdoors while keeping customers, staff members and merchandise adequately sheltered.

Telescopic domes are also an option – these feature a central section that can be opened during pleasant weather, allowing you to make the most of the sunshine.

To make the most of your retail space, whether it’s a garden centre or another type of business, the off-site construction solutions from CopriSystems could be the ideal choice.

As well as providing prefabricated structures, we can also offer a turnkey service that includes installation of the dome as well as fitting it out with elements like flooring, interior walls and lighting. We can also undertake landscape work.

The benefits of re-locatable buildings and off-site construction

Prefabricated architecture is a popular choice for many reasons. For one thing, it is a more affordable option and the manufacturing process generally reduces the amount of waste – so the finished product is more environmentally friendly.

In addition, off-site construction means that there will be much less disturbance to your retail area when it’s time to install the structure. The build time should be quick and there will be little or no inconvenience caused to your customers.

As standard, the prefabricated structures from CopriSystems are dome-shaped buildings with heavy-duty steel supports that are hot-dip galvanised for corrosion resistance. Alternatively, glulam wood can be used for a warmer feel.

They are covered with a single piece of PVC-coated polyester fabric. This material is resistant to abrasion and is made to last for at least 20 years.

You can also choose specific features for your building and make alterations to the building type, such as opting for wide-aperture doors and flashings to co-ordinate with other buildings on the premises.

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