Temporary building structures for storage


We offer canopies and domes, as well as portable modular buildings and steel framed structures that offer complete weather protection and fire resistance. Our temporary buildings are often in place for decades, delivering outstanding value for many years.


Our prefabricated facilities can provide a simple short or long-term solution and are much more cost-effective than renting or building conventional permanent storage space.

Temporary Building for DFS


Industrial storage solutions


Re-locatable, lightweight temporary buildings from CopriSystems are ideal for industrial applications, providing storage space for machinery, vehicles, goods and waste, depending on your needs.


If you need transport storage solutions, our freestanding canopies provide flexible weather protection, with wide door openings for easy access in and out.


Our domes are also suitable for industrial storage and can be used for high bay racking or to house large machinery and equipment that cannot be accommodated within your existing warehouse facilities.


We offer industrial storage solutions in a range of dimensions, and if our standard sizes don’t match your requirements, we can design bespoke temporary warehouse structures tailored specifically for your storage needs.


We can also add any number and type of doors you require, from standard fire and personnel doors to roller shutter doors, fast action doors and swing doors.
Temporary Buildings for Sportswear International


Temporary warehouse buildings


Responding to peaks and troughs in demand is part and parcel of any commercial operation, and there may be times when your existing storage space simply isn’t adequate.


Temporary warehouse buildings from CopriSystems can help you cope with these seasonal fluctuations, providing extra space quickly and affordably.


Our domed structures are suitable for large-scale operations, and can be manufactured in any length and span you require. These are offered as fixed structures or telescopic domes for applications where crane access is required.


Our steel clad buildings can be used to create warehouse extensions or to join two existing buildings together to create one continuous storage facility.


Made using a galvanised steel framework that offers maximum corrosion resistance, they are completely weather-tight, which means your stock will be kept safe and dry.


Provided they meet certain criteria, our temporary warehouse buildings can be erected without obtaining planning permission, so you’ll be able to get your storage facility up and running fast.


Inside a temporary warehouse building used for storage




Buy or rent temporary buildings from CopriSystems


Whether you need permanent outdoor storage space for agricultural equipment or a temporary warehouse extension to house surplus stock, we can provide the right storage solutions.


For companies handling goods or stock, having adequate storage space is essential. It’s even more important to keep items dry and clean, and to avoid extremes of temperature that could cause damage.


If you’re moving these goods around or rotating your stock on a regular basis, you’ll also need storage facilities that are easy to access, both for your staff and your vehicle drivers.


We provide a wide range of storage facilities to meet all these requirements, whether you need a temporary building or a more permanent solution.


At CopriSystems Ltd, we have been designing, supplying and installing bespoke storage structures for a quarter of a century, so we’re confident we can help, whatever your storage needs.


We can also provide canopies, domes and rigid clad buildings that give you extra workspace for your manufacturing operations. We also offer loading bay canopy solutions and dock shelters for all your logistics needs.


One of our temporary buildings - in this case a temporary warehouse structure

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