Steel Clad Buildings

Prefabricated steel clad buildings


We have more than 25 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and erecting prefabricated steel clad buildings across the UK and we can provide you with a bespoke structure that suits your specifications.





Our range includes relocatable and lightweight constructions to fulfil short-term needs, as well as those designed to be permanent fixtures. They are ideal options for loading bays, storage spaces and industrial machinery and they can be supplied with a huge range of fittings, including flooring, internal walls, lighting, additional insulation, roller shutters, sectional doors and dock levelling equipment.


The benefits of steel cladding


Whatever the application, steel cladding panels could be the perfect exterior finish for your prefabricated structure. As a building material, stainless steel is durable, resistant to corrosion and easy to care for. Plus, it has modern aesthetic qualities that will help to ensure that your new building looks good with its surroundings.


For areas where security is of great importance, steel cladding can provide peace of mind due to its strong and impenetrable nature. Depending on the options you select, it also provides excellent insulation.


Maintaining steel cladding is simple, as it’s unlikely to be damaged – even in busy areas. Plus, it can be cleaned with soapy water. At the end of a building’s serviceable life, steel cladding can be easily collected, recycled and melted down to create new products, helping to contribute to the environmental friendliness of the construction.


Steel Clad Building - Lexon


Off-site construction


When planning a new steel clad structure for your site, there are many reasons that you may want to opt for something that has been prefabricated, rather than built using more traditional methods.


One major benefit of off-site construction is the quick installation time and decreased disruption to your facility. This also means that the new steel clad structure will be ready to use much sooner. In addition, prefabricated steel clad buildings generally have a lower carbon footprint. This is because there is typically less waste produced in the manufacturing process.


The buildings available from CopriSystems can also be configured to your specific requirements. As standard, they have hot-dip galvanised steel frames, although glulam can also be used.


You can choose from roof options like dual-pitched, mono-pitched or domes, as well as a wide range of interior fittings. Sizes may vary, depending on your requirements, with standard spans ranging from 4.5 to 24 metres – and up to 50 metres for the domed structures.




Steel clad buildings from CopriSystems


There are so many ways that the steel clad structures can be used to turn your industrial, manufacturing , storage or logistics site into a more functional, comfortable and effective environment. They can be large enough to allow vehicles direct access to the interior, while also providing a warm and dry working place for your staff.


In addition to designing the bespoke structures and fitting them with steel cladding, we can also provide a full turnkey service that includes installation and fitting of all internal fixtures. Groundwork and landscaping around the structure can also be undertaken.


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