UK companies stockpiling for a no deal Brexit

Feb 20, 2019 | Industrial

Plan ahead for Brexit


Large regulated sectors like banking and pharmaceuticals are well advanced in their planning for Brexit. But in many industries, there remains a lot of work to do in a very short space of time.

Sectors handling goods have a particular headache with both customs and space concerns. Any delays with getting components or finished goods across the border will have an enormous effect on logistics operations with the need for secure, weatherproof storage rising quickly.

One of Britains biggest wholesale food suppliers, Bidfood, is planning to stockpile raw materials in case there is no deal agreed between the UK and the EU following Brexit. This follows a similar move by Premier Foods, supplier of Bisto Gravy, to stockpile materials to protect itself in the event of a no deal.

Bidfood, a CopriSystems client, supplies 40,000 customers including schools, hospitals and supermarkets with 40% of its food coming from abroad. It estimates it may need to hold up to 6 weeks worth of critical stock requiring an additional 7,000 pallets of stock.

A CopriSystems canopy in use at a Bidfood depot in Battersea, one of many CopriSystems canopies purchased or rented by Bidfood.

CopriSystems is working with a range of UK organisations to plan ahead for an unpredictable Brexit using industrial canopies to ensure businesses have the space to stockpile inventory, whether to ensure no component bottlenecks for production or to protect the value of goods for the future.

Features such as steel frames, high quality coverings and often minimal or no groundwork requirements, mean organisations can benefit from additional, usable space fast. Add in flexible payment options such as rental and hire/purchase and it’s easy to see why so many are making the decision to plan ahead and reduce the risk of Brexit at a relatively low cost.

With Brexit considerations becoming more pressing, every logistics operation needs to ensure they have the space and flexibility to cope in an unpredictable, world.



UK companies stockpiling for a no deal Brexit

One of Britains biggest wholesale food suppliers, Bidfoods is planning to stockpile in case there is no deal.

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