September has always been one of our busiest months for jobs and enquiries in the industrial sector.  Many of our clients are keen to schedule in the manufacturing and installation of their structure ahead of the winter months so that business can continue to operate as normal without any weather disruptions.  Other clients get to this time of year and remember how much the wind, rain and cold affected their productivity last year and so we get a call. 

Our industrial buildings are relatively quick to deploy so can be the ideal short-term solution to see your business through to the spring but we find that most structures that are intended to be temporary end up becoming an integral part of operations for years.

Recently, we’ve been back to the Electrolux warehouse in Milton Keynes to modify and move a structure that they ordered from us in 2008.  That was initially on a short-term rental contract but 25 years later, it’s still going strong.

Koito ordered a canopy to temporarily cover one of their loading bays in 2016.  Seven years on, we have just moved it to another part of the warehouse and re-welded the steel frame to add extra height so it can accommodate larger vehicles.

Johnson Matthey has just had a new standalone storage building installed (7.5m x 7.5m x 4m) to go with the side-wall mounted loading bay they ordered several years earlier.  Not only has their short-term solution become a long-term one but they continue to choose fabric covered structures over a traditional build for increasing square footage, which is a great testament to their efficiency and long-lasting durability. 

We’re also back at the original Wickes site this month moving a structure that has been not only used by them but was adopted by Wincanton when they took over and then rented by Signia when they subsequently moved in.  It’s now ready for the next deployment but while other jobs we’re working on are demonstrating the longevity of our structures, this job is highlighting their longevity and their versatility.


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Johnson Matthey

Original Wickes building