CopriSystems are delighted to announce the launch of PadelSystems, a new division of the family business with its own dedicated team of enthusiasts.

With over 35 years’ experience designing, manufacturing and installing sports facilities, it is no surprise that the boom in padel has been on CopriSystems’ radar for some time, and they have become captivated by the passion to play. Tennis, netball, football and multi-use facilities have always been at the core of the sports construction sector for CopriSystems, but since installing their first padel court five years ago at a private residential property, the interest from investors in this highly sociable, dynamic sport has taken on a life of its own and the enquiries for courts are continuing to grow at pace. It became clear to Owner and Director Rafe Colenso that padel was taking off and reinforcements were needed in order to meet demand. He explains, “as sports fans, we have been drawn into playing padel and are fascinated by the rate at which its popularity is soaring. As sports construction experts, we are excited to be involved in the development of new facilities and our business has had to grow quickly in order to keep up with the pace.”

The launch of PadelSystems is a clear sign of the company’s commitment to the world’s fastest growing sport, as is the announcement earlier this year that they had partnered exclusively with Italian Padel. After extensive research into the European padel scene, which is some way ahead of the UK, PadelSystems chose Italian Padel because, like them, they expect exceptional quality in their workmanship, never cut corners and are always looking to improve their product.

PadelSystems is not alone in partnering with a European manufacturer, but what sets them apart is they’re committed to working together to develop customised facilities that are fit for the site they are going to be constructed on, not for the environment they are manufactured in.

As a fully bespoke manufacturer, PadelSystems designs facilities that suit the client’s requirements and are built to last, whether they are located in an area exposed to high winds, on top of a multi-storey car park, on existing tennis courts, in a wooded garden or a disused warehouse, and whether they are intended for international tournaments or private recreational usage.

Sas Palframan, Business Development Manager for PadelSystems explains, “We are really excited to be involved in the launch of new padel centres all over the UK that will help meet the demand to play and enable the sport to grow.”

PadelSystems are also working with existing sports venues who are welcoming padel as part of a strategic drive to diversify and grow their club. Sas says, “It’s great to speak to so many sports clubs who are embracing padel, integrating it into their membership programme and recognising that it can positively co-exist with golf, tennis and badminton for example, not be a threat to them.”

PadelSystems will be working closely with CopriSystems, who will continue to provide all the groundworks and covered structures as part of a company-wide commitment to offer clients a full turnkey solution.

For a free consultation and site visit, email or call 01380 830931 for further information and we look forward to hearing from you.