Padel is unquestionably a hit with sports enthusiasts of all ages thanks to it being easier to pick up than other sports and easier to progress, while being a fun way to stay fit and form friendships.  Recently, we spoke to players who have all reached an age where they have slowed down on the tennis court and their game is rather depressingly going downhill but they have found new energy and competitive spirit on the padel court.  They’re making progress, their skills are improving all the time and their bodies are thanking them for taking up an activity that is kinder to the joints.

Younger generations are also loving it and wouldn’t it be great if the boom in facility development started reaching educational establishments sooner rather than later so that padel can be integrated into the sporting curriculum.  

There is a great opportunity right now for schools to gain a competitive advantage and stand out by being ahead of other institutions in the padel game.  The benefits for students go far beyond fitness and fun and let’s not forget the teaching staff who can leverage the sport to develop more positive relationships with their employees and colleagues.

Padel Tennis requires alertness, focus and problem solving skills, as well as strategic and tactical thinking.  For students who regularly play this sport, they are not just working out their muscles, but also their minds, which become sharper and more alert.  

We all know the advantages of regular exercise for mental health and the fast-paced nature of this sport makes it good for relieving stress during exams, intense revision or the pressure of a deadline looming.  The fact that it is primarily played in a doubles format means that you are allowing your mind to drift elsewhere while being part of a team, in the company of others with a similar passion.  The social nature makes it the perfect pastime to make friends and meet new people.  It fosters communication and coordination among players, allowing students to interact with each other on and off the court.  It is also a healthy way to engage in some friendly competition.

Aside from the physical, mental and social advantages to current students and teaching staff, padel facilities are sure to attract more prospective families and put your school or university at the forefront of sport in education, setting the standards, moving with the times and becoming a benchmark. Offering this new sport to the broader community will also raise your profile locally, create opportunities and foster positive relationships. 

There really is no time like the present to padel!