We have always offered a turnkey service but clients are often surprised when we say that we can do all the groundworks and internal fit out on top of the building design and installation.

Turnkey means that we will handle everything in a construction project from the initial consultation to handing over the keys.  In many ways, it is a collaborative arrangement in which we act as the principal contractors and subcontract specific jobs out to other businesses until the facility is fully ready to operate.  This means that communication is streamlined to one consistent point of contact and there are no complications with constant changes to the project management.

With turnkey projects we like to work with suppliers and businesses that are local to the project, not only so that we are able to reduce our carbon footprint but we have found that this strategy helps to create a more cohesive team.  A team that is flexible and readily on hand to make any necessary changes quickly and efficiently.  A team that can offer specific expertise not only in their specialised field of work but also in their knowledge of local regulations and building codes.  A team that is more likely to deliver the highest quality service because their business depends on them protecting their reputation in the local area.

Turnkey projects can reduce the financial unknowns and help to condense timelines.  Sticking to a schedule is critical for successful delivery but during the lifecycle of a project, there are times when unforeseen delays can occur and additional costs are incurred.  Extreme weather conditions cannot be avoided but miscommunication can and with all turnkey projects, we are able to ensure that everyone is on the same page from the offset.

They are also great for setting high quality standards upfront to ensure consistency throughout the project lifecycle across design, fabrication, build and finish.

Recently we have completed work on a multi-sport facility for Welland Park Academy in Market Harborough.  This was a fantastic example of a turnkey project that was fully reliant on us getting the best people involved to deliver a state-of-the-art sports hall.  As our site manager perfectly said, “Construction projects run smoother when you have the right selection of contractors supporting our own team of experts.  Contractors that can utilise years of experience to react to any given situation.  Each contractor has exceeded expectations and their attention to detail was relentless.  We were all one team together and the professionalism of everyone involved stayed continuously above the bar.”