Sir Henry Floyd School

School sportshall

The Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire had lost its indoor sports facilities in a fire some years ago and the Local Education Authority was unable to fund a replacement due to budgetary constraints despite obtaining Planning Permission in 2006.

The School became an Academy Grammar School when the opportunity presented itself after 2010 and this enabled the School to have control of its own funding destiny.

The sportshall was a priority for the school and it established a specification which included a framed fabric structure incorporating the sports of netball, basketball, badminton, football and cricket combined with changing facilities with showers for both genders, staff changing, a gymnasium, staff office and store with plant room. Cladding was required to a height of 3m to minimise the possibility of vandal damage. The contract for construction was put out to tender. The site was restricted and the maximum footprint available for the hall was 22m x 51.3m and overall height was restricted by planning consideration to 11m.

Coprisystems won the tender and proposed a scheme using a standard model from its range adapted to cater for the needs of the project. Natural ventilation is an important feature of Coprisystems designs and eight sliding panels were incorporated into the cladding to enable a total of 28m of open ventilation at ground level (30%). In addition fans and a high level airsock were installed to increase airflow when required. Lighting was with three stage switching to provide 400 lux, 800 lux and 1000 lux to suit the various sports being played.

The playing area was of a cushioned polyurethane 35.6m x 20.18m with playing lines and hanging divider nets for the various sports. Rebound boards were provided around the perimeter together with fixed and retractable high level basketball frames and hoops. The changing and other facilities were 15.7m x 20.2m overall and were sited within the envelope of the structure. Maximum height was required to accommodate the different sports and allow space for the services. The overall height of 11m represented a high aspect ratio to the span of 50%.

The frame was of lightweight lattice, hot-dip galvanised, rolled steel sections to give a rounded shape. The cover was of high luminescent, heavy duty, white, PVC coated, polyester fabric in a single piece and under tension for longevity. The structure conforms with Building Regulations. The facility has enabled the School to offer a wide range of sporting opportunities to its pupils in all weathers and to Clubs and other organisations outside school hours.