Our top tips for transforming your sports facilities

Jan 24, 2018Sports

The power of sport

It’s no secret that sports play a valuable role within schools and communities, the benefits of regular exercise go beyond health and fitness. Sport has the power to transform lives and people who do regular exercise tend to be more focused, motivated and happier! As more and more people become aware of the benefits of sport, good community facilities and leisure centres are more important than ever before. If you’re looking to improve your existing facilities, whether you’re a school,  community sport centre or a private club, here are some of our top tips.

Sports structures

Maximise the hours that your students, members or customers can train and play by investing in covered courts or sports domes. British weather is infamous tennis, sports covers mean that the facilities can be used every day, no matter how cold or wet it may be outside. Most sports structures are suitable for a whole host of different sports including badminton, netball, basketball and even swimming pools.  CopriSystems provide bespoke, fixed and telescopic domes that offer ample height for all sports, high quality lighting for evening training and retractable curtains which facilitate ventilation.

Energy saving decisions

When it comes to the design of your sports structure(s) making eco-friendly decisions will not only benefit the earth, but the success of your facilities and your finances as well. Sports domes with translucent covers  let in natural light during the day and reduce the need for expensive artificial  lighting. Fresh air is crucial in a sport environment, so ventilation and air conditioning systems have to constantly working hard to remove moisture and kept the space cool. Make sure your air conditioning and ventilation units are well maintained and make use of natural ventilation when it’s available. Ask your design and installation team about how your facilities can save energy and money!

Flooring and playing surfaces

Having the right kind of flooring installed can make a big difference to your member’s or student’s experience by avoiding injury and improving performance. Of course we can’t prevent people from falling over or landing badly and getting a little hurt, but we can reduce the likelihood of injury. In a sports environment you tend to have lots of people jumping and running around, flooring with proper traction will reduce the risk of people slipping over and shock absorption will be easier on their joints when they land. The right kind of flooring can also reduce noise, making for an improved playing experience.


No sports facility is complete without the right equipment. Invest in good quality sports equipment like basketball hoops, badminton nets and rackets for example and keep everything recorded, well maintained and kept in a safe place. If security is an important factor for your sports facility for example, you may choose to have steel clad walls installed as an extra precaution.


Hosting special games and events is a great way to attract more people to your sports facilities. You may want to host swimming competitions, netball matches or a Wimbledon viewing event for example. Pavilions provide athletes and competitors with a place they can get ready for matches and games, they could also be used as changing rooms or a bar and restaurant space for a post-game drinks.  

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