It may not be as glamorous a part of our business as the structural installation but it is no less important and right now, with all the challenges of space availability in the industrial sector and financing in the sports industry, not to mention the energy crisis, it has never been more crucial to take care of the buildings you occupy for the sake of their longevity.  

Our structures in particular are often considered to be temporary but we build them to last.  The key to this is how you look after them.  Wear and tear is inevitable over time but significant damage can often be prevented with a sensible servicing plan in place.  We take a keen interest in our buildings’ upkeep and are always happy to come and have a look at your structure to assess any potential risks, sort out any snagging issues or just give it a good clean.  Our fabric domes are designed to let natural light through but if dirt and grime builds up then that will be limited.  No one wants to be eating into their electricity allowance for lighting right now so it does pay to get it cleaned from time to time.

We recommend that you survey a structure regularly and are happy to tailor servicing contracts to suit your individual needs.  We can provide fast, efficient support if it is required but are always driving to achieve greater longevity for our buildings and go out of our way to ensure yours meets our high standards in the first instance.  

With our steel-framed and steel clad structures, we recommend regular cleaning to maintain their appearance.  Frequent inspections would also be advised to identify issues quickly such as overhanging branches or to fix any minor repairs that could weaken the structure and develop into major repairs.

The positioning of your industrial or sports structures will have an impact on servicing and maintenance requirements.  Some fabric covers may require cleaning and a bit of general upkeep every 2 years but some may go for six before needing a spruce up.

We’re not picky or precious in any way about only servicing the buildings that we designed and installed.  Our skill-set is quite inclusive of other structures!  We’ve just finished a job for Chippenham Sports Club to repair their old airdome, which had a bit of damage.  We don’t supply airdomes but that doesn’t mean we can’t fix them (the job even came in below our original estimate)!  Manager Fiona Wheaden had been searching Europe-wide for a company prepared to fix the airdome and came across us after 5 months of being repeatedly told that is wasn’t possible without replacing the entire zipper.  She explains, “A plan and quote was with us by the middle of the next week. CopriSystems were acutely aware of the urgency of the repair and we had a start date arranged which was within 10 days of the quote. We were very impressed with not only the turnaround time but the price and pleasantness of the team undertaking the repairs. They were all very adaptable and even when we needed to change plans last minute they made sure to accommodate these requests.”

When it comes to sports facilities, we also don’t mind if there is no structure at all!  Recently we have been working with tennis clubs and private clients who have needed outdoor courts repainted, resurfaced, new drainage and concrete blocks installed as well as a patio and pathway laid.  

In summary, there is simply no end to our talents and motivation! ☺