Despite there being some confusion over what temporary might mean in our business, one thing is for certain… it definitely does not mean poor quality.  Neither does it have to mean short-term, unless you want it to and it’s not the poor man’s solution.  Temporary means something different to each business that we work with, which is why we take a bespoke approach to our designs, ensuring they suit the individual needs of our clients.  So “temporary” really means flexibility.  A building solution that can be easily modified to respond to altered circumstances.  

The Dash Group

It may be that you only need a prefabricated structure installed for a fixed period of time be it to cope with a seasonal surge in demand or to provide additional storage until the lease on your existing premises expires.  The rapid growth in ecommerce and demand for next day delivery meant that The Dash Group had to act quickly if they were going to keep up with customer shopping behaviour.  A temporary distribution warehouse was considered the best, most cost-effective solution, enabling them to make critical changes quickly without compromising day-to-day business.  


Alternatively, you might be looking for extra space without having to commit to a fixed location.  Our temporary structures can be taken down and moved with you as your business grows.  Sunseeker originally briefed us to build a temporary structure for them in Poole for the purpose of finishing boats.  When this became surplus to requirements, they moved the canopy to their other site in Portland and rebuilt it there for the purpose of manufacturing the hull of boats. 

Perhaps your business is changing and you would prefer to rent additional space while you consider your next move.  Six years ago Squadron Medical needed additional space for sorting goods in and out to increase cross-docking productivity.  This year, the business has moved to a different site and the structure is no longer required.  Within two days, it was taken down and is now waiting for the next call-up. 

Radius Warehouse & Logistics Services

It could be that you need to optimise the space you already have available without the commitment of adding more bricks & mortar.  Radius Warehouse & Logistics Services needed a covered area for goods marshalling but only had a very small yard, which had to remain accessible to vehicles.  They opted for a canopy that can retract when not in use which causes minimal disruption to daily operations.

Maybe planning restrictions will not allow more bricks & mortar.  Morris Lubricants operate on a Grade 1 listed site and when they realised they needed additional storage space, permission was only granted for a temporary structure. 


Usystems inherited one of our canopies when they moved to a new site in Bedford.  It is now 26 years old, still going strong and we have just added more walls to better suit their ever-changing needs.  

There is nothing temporary about that!