8 uses for temporary buildings in the UK

Sep 24, 2018Industrial, Sports

Temporary buildings are designed to fit customer specifications and can come in a range of shapes and sizes. The word temporary often leads people to believe that these buildings are low quality but they are actually extremely durable and can be used for years. Here’s our list of 8 different uses for temporary buildings and structures.

Classrooms for schools and universities

There are many temporary buildings which are being used as classrooms throughout the UK. You’ve probably been inside one without even thinking about the fact that it’s not a permanent building. School buildings and classrooms often need to be updated to accommodate new technologies or a larger numbers of students. Temporary classrooms are designed to provide a productive learning environment for both students and teachers, which means that these classrooms need to meet additional requirements to ensure safety and comfort. Some of these requirements include good ventilation and plenty of windows to provide natural light and help students to stay focused and alert during their lessons.


Storage facility/ temporary warehouse

A crucial part of running a business that sells goods is determining how much inventory to have on hand. Predicting how much stock you need to keep up with demand isn’t an exact science and businesses holding a large volume of stock are often left wondering where to put it all. Temporary warehouses can be installed within a week, allowing your business to continue running smoothly and not miss out on any revenue. Temporary buildings provide a great solution to storage problems and can be specifically designed to hold all kinds of different items such as cosmetics, edible products and even cars.


Garden Centres


Although plants may enjoy a little rain now and then, other Garden centre products in outdoor retail areas can actually be damaged under wet and windy conditions. Temporary buildings for Garden centres create a space which is warm, dry and more comfortable for customers, meaning they’ll be willing to spend more time shopping!


Emergency use


In the UK we’re fortunate enough to not have to worry about serious natural threats like tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes. Fires, flooding and strong storms however can happen at any time in the UK and cause devastating damage to homes, workplaces and businesses. Restructuring and rebuilding can take a lot of time, especially if you’re waiting for insurance payments to be settled. Fortunately, temporary buildings can provide an affordable solution which will allow those affected to carry on doing what they need to do.




It’s not uncommon that companies choose to undergo an office refit to create a larger, more modern and productive environment for the benefit of their employees. Temporary buildings can be constructed quickly and efficiently; meaning minimal disruptions for employees.


Commercial and retail spaces


Temporary buildings can be adapted to fit the needs of practically any business, no matter the product or service. These buildings can be used as a shop floor where businesses can showcase their products so customers can get a better look at what they’re buying.




Temporary buildings can be created for nearly all agricultural requirements. Some of the most common agricultural uses for temporary buildings include farm equipment and tractor storage, grain storage and animal housing.




Sports centres, schools and universities often turn to temporary buildings to keep up with demand and attract more members and customers. Temporary buildings can be used to accommodate all kinds of sport spaces, whether it’s a tennis court, a changing room or a multi-purpose sports hall that’s required.


Healthcare and medical units


Many hospitals turn to temporary building services when certain wards are being refurbished or to create additional space for patients. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities need to be able to provide a service to their patients so temporary buildings are a popular alternative to the standard, permanent buildings which can disrupt facilities for months.




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