Sports structures

We’re a leading supplier of sports domes, sports halls, gyms, training centres, schools, leisure centres and other recreational facilities that can be used year-round.


These bespoke sports structures are durable, elegant and reliable. They are designed to keep out wind and rain and are suitable for a wide range of activities. The translucent roof allows in natural light during the day, while the structures can be fitted with lighting for night-time use.


A CopriSystems sports structure used for tennis

Ideal for any sports activities


The sports structures offered by CopriSystems can be provided in widths of up to 50m and they can be supplied in any length necessary. This means that the domes are suitable for just about any sport you can think of.


Find out more about our structures for specific sports:



Indoor tennis courts and badminton halls are popular uses for the sports structures offered by CopriSystems, as the buildings provide a dry and well-lit area throughout the year. They can also accommodate any type of tennis court construction – including clay, carpet, grass and hard courts.


If you’re looking to build indoor basketball courts, netball courts or multi-use sports facilities, the CopriSystems domes are ideal. Their high ceilings also make them suitable for indoor cricket pitches.


Football domes are suitable for professional or semi-pro training centres, as well as leisure facilities. They can be built large enough to cover a full-size 11-a-side pitch, while five-a-side and futsal pitches are also common options.


In addition, CopriSystem’s sports structures have been used to cover a variety of other sports facilities, including swimming pools, hockey pitches and equestrian arenas. Pavilions can also be installed to provide a suitable environment for changing and refreshments.


Bespoke construction


Finding a sports structure that suits your exact requirements might seem like a challenge, but the products offered by CopriSystems can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.


There are two main options to select from: the fixed sports domes are one popular choice, while the telescopic systems incorporate a central section that retracts into the sides of the dome. These are ideal if you want to make the most of the summer sunshine.


As standard, the sports structures are manufactured with high-tensile steel frames that are hot-dip galvanised to protect them from corrosion. They can also be made with laminated glulam frames.


The dome frames are covered with a single piece of PVC-coated polyester fabric that is self-extinguishing and resistant to abrasions and UV damage. This material is stretched over the structure to create a seamless roof and it is designed to last for more than 20 years. The sides feature a full-length curtain that can be easily opened and closed to provide fresh air.


Cover your sports hall with a dome from CopriSystems


No matter what kind of facility you operate, the sports domes provided by CopriSystems Ltd will help to ensure that your clients can enjoy their favourite activities year-round, no matter what the weather conditions.


Our prefabricated sports structures can be installed quickly and with minimal disturbance. As well as installation of the structure itself, we can provide a turnkey service that includes groundwork, landscaping, installation of sports surfaces and fitting-out the pavilions with lighting, goals, nets, posts and other equipment.

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