We’re currently installing a new multi-use sports hall at Welland Park Academy.  Not only does this project stand out visually as it is being finished to a very high-spec with a bespoke steel cladding exterior but it is the first job of its scale in which we have chosen to use local contractors as opposed to our own team of experts for each stage of the build.

That’s not to say that we have not been involved when a certain level of specialism or expertise has been required and there has been continuous, reassuring face-to-face contact with a CopriSystems project manager each day but, with sustainability on our mind, we thought we’d shake things up a bit.  

Using small, independent local businesses close to the building site is working brilliantly on this project, to such an extent that we think this strategy could be the best way for us to evolve, for the following reasons:

  • Travel & hotel expenses for our team based in Wiltshire don’t need to be added to the budget.  This is a significant cost saving for the client if they are located several hours away and helps to reduce our carbon footprint
  • By eliminating travel from our scheduling, we can be more efficient with time and there is less pressure to complete a task during daylight hours if the contractor can easily come back the following morning for the finishing touches
  • Communication is good. Local tradesmen tend to be easy to get hold of.  Any on-site issues can be resolved quickly and they are more readily available once the project has been completed
  • Working with people who are familiar with the area and are knowledgeable about local roads, events, regulations & practices is extremely valuable
  • Contractors at a local level are invested in quality workmanship, often going above and beyond to make sure the job is done with excellence because they know that word gets around quickly and they care about keeping their reputation solid.  
  • Smaller businesses tend to be more flexible if they’re going to compete for jobs with the larger national outfits so they are more likely to accommodate our own bespoke approach
  • Local contractors tend to be familiar with the talent pool in the area and who best to work with so they can make recommendations which helps with building positive relationships and working environments as well as trust and reliability
  • Money stays in the local community, helping to grow that economy
  • Allows our team more time to focus on innovation in our workshops on the yard, be more forward thinking about ways in which we can improve our sustainability, cultivate relationships with new prospective clients and keep on top of change so that we can progress and remain relevant.