We’re continuing on the theme of supply chain resilience and how temporary warehousing is taking the pressure off many businesses who need additional space but are unable to plan more than a few months ahead at the moment because changes (consumer purchasing behaviour, economic climate, strike action, disruption at the ports etc) are coming thick and fast.  Businesses need to be able to respond quickly and that is not going to happen if you’re only willing to consider a traditional build warehouse.  Yes, you could look to construct one specifically to suit your business needs but that could take a year and in this current climate, your business needs may look completely different by then.  Yes, you could look to rent an existing warehouse but the layout of that building would have been originally designed to suit another business’ needs, which is far from ideal.  Most rental periods are also fixed for at least five years, which is too much of a commitment right now and the fees are seriously high.

Our pre-fabricated steel-clad structures, fabric-covered domes and canopies are quick to build and can be rented for as long as you need them.  Constructed off-site to ensure minimal disruption to your daily operations, our buildings require minimal groundwork and planning requirements so can be up and running within a matter of weeks.  In a nutshell, a quick-build temporary warehouse solution can efficiently ensure that your business keeps moving.  

The benefits cannot be denied…..

  • Temporary warehousing will save you money
  • Temporary structures can be moved to alternative premises so you are not fixed to one location  
  • They are quick and easy to construct so you will not be left behind in a fast-paced, dynamic market
  • Temporary warehousing offers you versatility by meeting your ever-changing business needs and can be increased or decreased in size depending on how much space is required at the time – try doing that with “permanent” bricks and mortar
  • Fabric-covered structures allow in plenty of natural daylight while offering UV protection and resistance to other weather conditions.  This enables you to minimise the amount of energy utilised for lighting
  • Temporary warehousing still offers security, heating, air conditioning etc but the features can be customised to suit your business.  Access doors can be fitted in varying configurations to accommodate different vehicles, side-walls can retract to allow for increased flow of activity, even the roof can be pulled back in telescopic structures to allow for the use of cranes
  • With a temporary fabric-covered structure, you get the opportunity to maximise your space.  With no internal supports needed, the entire area underneath the fabric is wide open for your use

In conclusion, temporary structures save you time, money, aggravation and can be fully customised so your business can keep moving effectively and efficiently on your terms, whether the economy is booming or you find yourself navigating an unstable market, as is the case for many at the moment.