Tennis was ranked as the sixth most popular sport in the UK in 2015 in terms of the number of people who play at least once a week.  It followed swimming, athletics, cycling, football and golf.  The sport is popular and can be played both outdoors and inside on a range of different surfaces.

The interesting thing about tennis is that the game is remarkably different depending on the surface and whether it is played indoors or outside.  Indoor tennis is renowned for being a much faster game.  The lack of wind and artificial surfaces reduce the risk of bad bounces so players can be more accurate.  The bounce height also tends to be lower inside so players need to adapt their technique.

Outdoor tennis is more challenging because there are a number of different conditions to deal with.  As mentioned the wind can affect both the bounce and the flight of the ball.  The sun can be a distraction for players too.  The surfaces also tend to be slower but with a higher bounce.  There are also changing temperatures to deal with and the risk of rain slowing or delaying play.

Tennis becomes a completely different game depending on the setting it is played in.  Fortunately there are facilities across the UK so people can play both indoors and out.  With modern covers, courts can be set up in far more places with lower costs.  The structures are cost effective because they don’t need the same extensive foundations and footings that permanent buildings require.

Outdoor courts with telescopic covers are becoming particularly popular.  When the weather is good, the court can be left to the elements so people can play in the changing conditions.  The cover can then be unfurled if it starts to rain and when the colder months arrive.  This allows the pitch to be used more frequently so players can continue to participate.

At CopriSystems we have over 30 years experience in indoor tennis court construction and tennis court covers to suit all kinds of needs, as well as football dome products, cricket pitch covers and a wide range of other items to protect and enhance sports facilities.  Each one can be customised to suit various layouts, covering a single court or several placed side by side.  Please contact us to start designing your cover today.