For companies that sell any kind of product, it is important that stock can be stored in a safe and secure place to guard against the risk of theft and damage.  Some companies, however, may not have the right facilities immediately available to them, meaning that they aren’t storing their goods as safely or effectively as they could be.  At CopriSystems, however, we specialise in providing temporary industrial buildings that will give you peace of mind and provide outstanding protection for your stock, equipment and anything else you need to store.

We provide a wide range of storage facilities designed to ensure that your stock remains protected while still being easily accessible to your staff.  Our pre-fabricated facilities and portable modular buildings offer enhanced security, weather protection, fire resistance and portability if required.  Whether you’re looking for long term or short term storage facilities, we can provide them for you.  If you have seasonal requirements, for example, you will find our portable storage solutions more than capable of safely hosting your additional stock, and they can be easily removed when they are not needed.

We are renowned for offering the widest range of options when it comes to portable and lightweight buildings.  From fixed structures to telescopic domes, you will find our structures capable of housing large machinery, as well as a large amount of stock.  We also offer customisation for doors, offering various options including fire and personnel doors as well as several unique types including swing doors.  We also offer freestanding canopies with wide door openings for easy access, perfect for keeping your important machinery and vehicles safe from the elements.

We offer both standard sizes and bespoke structures, handling every aspect of the process including designing, supplying and installing them.  Whatever your requirements are, simply contact us today and we will fulfil any industrial storage requirements that you have, no matter how large or small.