Sportswear International

Sportswear international – keeping up with demand (& returns)

Sportswear International sell school clothing for the majority of schools around the country. They used to sell primarily through outlet stores and retail shops but they quickly decided e-commerce was the way to go. They were initially looking for an extension to future proof their e-commerce arm due to their growth forecast but it quickly turned into an essential once the installation was complete.

Whether parents purchase school uniform at the beginning of the holidays, only to find children have grown significantly or order at the end and miscalculate the sizes, there is always a huge surge in returns and therefore a final rush to ensure replacements are sent before the first day of school.

This customer behaviour meant that what was intended to be a future proof additional building quickly turned into an essential extension building for constant filtering of goods in and out.

The outcome highlights just how relevant CopriSystems covering systems and temporary buildings are in the new world of e-commerce. Buildings that are quickly deployable and multi-use can better meet the needs of organisations who must respond to sharp and unexpected peaks in returns and accelerating levels of growth.