Holdsworth Foods

Loading bay canopy improves efficiency and safety

The challenge

Business growth puts pressure on warehouse to cope with sudden requirements for additional space and goods capacity.

The solution

To construct a covered delivery holding area which keeps the aisles free for continuous movement and provides additional picking zones.

Key facts 

  • Warehouse at full capacity
  • Operational pressures
  • Safety priorities
  • Rapid design & build
  • No maintenance
  • Cost savings

Project overview

Holdsworth Foods is one of the most respected independent food service distributors in the UK.  Since 1969, the business has evolved significantly from selling just frozen chickens to a product range of over 4000 chilled, ambient and frozen foods, delivered from 10 depots within the UK.  

Ian Mycock, General Manager at Holdsworth Foods, commissioned a temporary loading bay canopy for one of their warehouses stating that the cost saving,“rapid design and build process”had a clear advantage over a permanent structure.  The covered area has not only improved the efficiency of the storage and loading process but also made the work process safer, which was considered equally as important.

The structure has successfully stood up to harsh weather conditions and required virtually no maintenance since it’s instalment.  Ian says he has “full confidence” in CopriSystems’ products and capabilities and would certainly look to install similar structures at their other depots.