Holdsworth Foods

Highly impressive structure improves efficiency and safety

Holdsworth Foods is one of the most respected independent food service distributors in the UK. The family owned business has been supplying a wide range of chilled, ambient and frozen goods to caterers over the past 49 years and is dedicated to providing value for money, quality and great service.  

The nature of Holdsworth Foods’ business is based around large contract award, which means that individual depots may have a sudden requirement for additional space and capacity.

Ian Mycock, General Manager at Holdsworth Foods commissioned a loading bay canopy from CopriSystems a few years ago. He says the company primarily needed a delivery holding area in their ambient warehouse to keep the warehouse aisles free, together with provision for additional picking spaces, both of which CopriSystems’ structure provided well.   

The covered loading area has improved the efficiency of the storage and loading process in ensuring the aisles are kept free for movement. The structure has also made the work process safer, which the company considers equally important. 

The structure has required virtually no maintenance which he has found to be highly impressive considering the incredibly harsh winter the Uk experienced this year. 

Ian MyCock stated that due to the cost saving and the “rapid design and build process”, the temporary structure had a clear advantage over a permanent one. He went on to say that Holdsworth Foods would certainly look to install similar structures at their other depots. 

He concluded by saying he has “full confidence” in CopriSystems’ products and capabilities.