Ralph Coleman

Protection against the elements

Tray and Pallet washing company Ralph Coleman International had a fabric framed canopy at its premises in Milton Keynes which had been installed by a company many years before.

In the high winds of last winter the cover blew away. Ralph Coleman wanted to replace it but were unable to find the original manufacturer. The area requiring to be covered was 500 m2. CopriSystems were approached through commercial property maintenance company Sol Services in Milton Keynes. The original cover had been made in 6 sections secured to the steel frame by cords which had rotted over time, resulting in the damage.

CopriSystems are specialists in large fabric framed structures for industrial and sports purposes, being able to cover areas in excess of 2000 m2 in a single piece. They undertook a detailed survey of the frame since no drawings were available and designed a new cover with its own tried and tested method of attaching and tensioning in order to ensure security and longevity. The frame had projections which were potential chafing points and special paddings were introduced to ensure no wear to the new cover. It was also found that the original frame was not level and so the installation team jacked up the arch to achieve a level.

The result was a professional replacement of the cover which was better than the original, tensioned to ensure maximum security and longevity and to give greater strength and reduce the possibility that the same damage occur in the future. CopriSystems gave a 10 year warranty for the cover and workmanship.