While the core of logistics is essentially moving products or stock from point A to point B, this is in fact just one part of the entire process.  Logistics firms also have to consider maintaining and storing their trucks and other vehicles, as well as keeping loaded stock safe.  We help them to meet this challenge by supplying the highest quality bespoke industrial canopies.

The lorries, wagons and trucks used in logistics are usually of such a size that they will not fit into conventional vehicle storage or parking bays.  Designing and constructing buildings purposely designed to house them is a long and expensive process, as well as something that ties a business to staying at one location.  For this reason, many companies resort to simply leaving their fleet parked outside on the premises.  This is far from ideal, as it leaves your fleet exposed to the threat of damage or loss from weather conditions or criminal activity.

Industrial canopy shelter for use as a loading bay

Our range of temporary industrial buildings including canopies and docking shelters give logistics companies a viable alternate between the two extremes of building an expensive new building or leaving their fleet to the elements.  We have ensured our purpose built systems meet every possible requirement to successfully cover logistics vehicles.

As with all of our industrial canopy and covering systems, the design ensures a stable and longstanding presence which can also be changed or removed whenever you wish.  Our covers will literally stand as long as you want them to.  If your business moves premises, then our canopies can easily be taken down and moved with you.  The roofing of our canopies is domed to deliver maximum efficiency in adverse weather, and the roof can also be made telescopic and retractable, allowing for easy loading and unloading of goods by crane while the vehicle remains where you need it to be.

Keeping a fleet of logistics vehicles under cover means keeping them safe from damage.  A freestanding shelter or wall-mounted loading bay canopy offers a fast and affordable way for logistics and haulage firms to improve their security and protect their stock.  The ability to move the covers means that our covers are an investment which ensures long term rewards.