It’s a wrap at Swindon Town FC as we have handed over the keys for the new indoor training facilities to the Community Foundation and the grand opening is scheduled to take place soon.  We’re really proud of this structure, not least of all because of the positive impact it is going to have on the lives of disadvantaged, vulnerable young people in the local area and the potential it has to strengthen the community.

Elsewhere in the sporting world, we hear from the local badminton club that the new sports hall we installed at Welland Park Academy is “the best badminton venue in the Harborough district by far”.  We’ll take that!

We’re about to start work on a new sports hall and pavilion at Cefn Hengoed Leisure Centre in Morganstone and will be installing the structure alongside Cardiff Steel Erection Ltd, which aligns with our new strategy to cut the carbon footprint of each project by using local contractors and suppliers

Lots of conversations are happening around tennis, padel, cricket and football at the moment so watch this space…

Meanwhile, on the industrial side, we are currently putting in another access doorway into an existing canopy that we installed in 2021 for Commodore Kitchens.  That’s one of the biggest advantages of our fabric-covered structures.  They are fully customised to suit your business requirements and can easily adapt as those requirements change.

Johnson Matthey, a long-term client of ours, are getting a new tunnel canopy for the purpose initially of storing pallets and FIBC bags.

Nova Laboratories, a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in the UK, have briefed us to design a structure that can be installed inside their existing building.  This is to provide additional space for products and devices to be handled without risk of contamination.


Swindon Town FC Community Foundation

Welland Park Academy

Cefn Hengoed Leisure Centre in Morganstone