Since we have come out of the various lockdowns, official messaging around the importance of staying active has stepped up a notch with organisations including Sport England, the LTA and UK Active all launching new campaigns to encourage increased participation in sport.

At this time of year however, motivation tends to drop off and the excuses come thick and fast as cold weather, poor light, slippery surfaces and strong winds are enough to put people off playing any sport at all.  As a result, clubs suffer the headache of having to deal with frequent cancellations and no-shows, which poses a risk to their finances and the enthusiasm of their coaches.

If people are going to practice regularly, they need to fully enjoy the experience, which can only happen if they are able to play their favourite sport or try other activities in comfort, safety and at a convenient time for them.

Outdoor sports facilities can boast of the fresh air and we’re not denying the advantages of this, along with a healthy dose of vitamin D, but indoor facilities offer efficiency throughout the year.

An indoor climate-controlled environment allows sport to be played regardless of the weather or time of day.  Torrential rain like we’ve had recently, dense fog, snow fall, which is predicted for this weekend, even the really hot weather we had this summer makes playing very difficult.  However, indoor complexes give people the opportunity to maintain an active lifestyle without having to deal with the elements.  Even a traditional outdoor sport such as cricket can benefit from an indoor sports facility that provides a comfortable environment to practice in.

Climate control aside, playing surfaces tend to suffer from less wear and tear inside so are easier to maintain and indoor facilities can also offer optimum lighting.  Fabric-covered domes allow the natural light in, while taking away any glare from the sun.  They also allow for sport to be played on dark, gloomy evenings.  Considering sunset is just after 4pm at the moment, having access to an indoor sports centre at least gives the after-work crowd options for letting off steam and burning some energy at the end of the day.

Along with providing an appropriate indoor space for various sporting activities, a modern indoor athletic facility can serve as a multi-purpose recreational venue and lively community centre too, which is good for generating additional revenue and promoting unity by bringing people from the local area together.  It can have a positive impact on the whole society by drawing people from all ages and backgrounds.  It will also attract athletes of all abilities, physical strength, speed and endurance and encourage them to play regularly, which offers them more of a chance to excel.  The development of regional sport is therefore given a boost and if the facilities are busy then this gives income a boost too.

In a nutshell, indoor sports venues can solve all the problems and limitations that are inherent in outdoor facilities and keep people active, no excuses!