We have been custom-designing temporary and permanent structures including geodesic domes for more than 30 years but it is apparent that these flexible, portable buildings in particular are really gaining momentum right now, at a time when businesses in all areas are becoming more eco-conscious.

These unique spaces we create are flexible and just as suitable for warehousing or agricultural applications as they are for greenhouses, corporate events, festivals, glamping and even residential homes.  Aesthetically, they have the wow factor and their shape makes them incredibly lightweight but this masks a considerable strength and durability that can withstand even the most severe weather conditions.

Quick to deploy, the range of anchoring options means we can install them almost anywhere and the fabric covers can be easily changed so are fit for purpose at a trade fair one week and hosting a music festival concert the next.

Available in spans ranging from 5m to 37m, our geodesic domes can be fully branded with graphics and/or logos printed onto the fabric cover and come with bespoke options on windows, doors, exposed framework, interconnecting zips, as well as heating and cooling systems.  The low surface-to-volume area means that up to 30% less energy is required to heat and cool the interior.  Their shape ensures they insulate efficiently, promote better air circulation and keep temperatures even throughout the structure.  It’s no wonder their popularity is on the rise.    

However, aside from the eco credentials, there’s no question that whatever the domes are being used and re-used for, they always look impressive and deliver a memorable experience.