There is a common perception that prefabricated construction is low-end and mass produced but the quality is actually exceptional, or at least, the quality of our prefabricated structures are exceptional and consistently so!  That’s not the only benefit either….. 


Modular construction is often more energy efficient and sustainable.  The controlled environment of our workshops allows for more accuracy and therefore less waste.  Traditional construction methods require extra materials that lead to increased waste, which is then sent directly to landfill from the site during the clean-up operation at the end of a project.  It is easier to recycle and repurpose excess materials when everything is managed in the one place on our yard.  The less time we spend on site also means fewer deliveries required which results in less carbon emissions.  It’s also worth pointing out that we design structures that are intended to be energy efficient now and well into the future.

Financial Savings

The optimised construction process can be significantly more cost-effective than traditional bricks and mortar reduction since it is quicker and less labour intensive so requires a smaller team.


As your business adapts and grows, so your buildings need to adapt and grow and we can easily increase the amount of space or change the configuration.  Modular construction can also be easily dismantled and relocated to different sites, which gives you options to grow and offers great value for money.  All our structures can be fully bespoke to suit the space available as well as the requirements of usage and the designs allow for limitless opportunities for the structures to blend in with existing buildings/surroundings. 

Reduced Site Disruption

Since many components are completed at the workshop, there is significantly less truck traffic, equipment and material suppliers around the final construction site. This limits the disruption on building sites, which would otherwise suffer from noise, pollution, waste, distractions and over-crowding. This streamlined approach to construction provides a far more efficient atmosphere for productivity, and eliminates unnecessary interference to the business’ daily operations.

Shorter Construction Time

Portable construction takes significantly less time to build than on-site construction, which can sometimes take months or even years if a project is reliant on sub-contractors all falling in sync on the schedule. This is due to better upfront planning, elimination of on-site weather set-backs and quicker fabrication as multiple pieces can be constructed simultaneously. The construction process as a whole is significantly streamlined.


There is less risk for problems associated with environmental hazards and construction site liabilities such as increased amount of machinery required, vehicles coming and going with supplies etc.  Although safety is of utmost importance, workers on a construction site are going to be subjected to changing weather conditions over a longer period of time, which can pose risks as well as time delays to the project. 

With the pressure mounting on warehouses, a shortage of available space, rent increases and stockpiling, the demand for prefabricated construction is increasing and we think it will only grow in popularity.  More and more businesses are recognising that this is not a poor man’s option and it doesn’t have to be a temporary solution.  The quality is high, the construction is efficient, turnaround times are quick and the options are endless.