As sports enthusiasts, we have all been drawn into playing padel and are fascinated by the rate at which its popularity is growing.  As sports construction experts, we are excited to be involved in the development of facilities working alongside our partners, Italian Padel.  From private, outdoor single court structures to large-scale, multiple court indoor domes, every project is unique but the pride we take in completing each one to the highest spec is consistent.  

We have partnered with Italian Padel because, after much research and testing, we believe them to be the best manufacturer of padel court systems in Europe.  They expect exceptional quality in their workmanship, never cut corners and are always looking to improve their product.

With over 2,500 successful projects under their belt already, Italian Padel are the largest company in Europe specialising in the design, construction and installation of padel courts having been in operation since 2016.

We are not alone in partnering with a European manufacturer but what sets us apart is that we are committed to working with Italian Padel to develop customised systems that are fit specifically for the UK and not for the environment they are built in.

We ensure that all British building regulations are met but also that the environmental characteristics of each site are taken into consideration.  Wind loads in Bologna are not going to be the same as in Brighton and likewise, wind loads in urban areas are not going to be the same as they are by the coast.  When you remember that we are dealing with glass structures, that should be a significant consideration.

The British environment is also more likely to cause drainage issues and corrosion.  European padel courts tend to be built on non-porous surfaces, which would never work in our wet weather.  Likewise, if rust occurs because the steel frames have not been treated properly, the structural damage is irreversible.

With our experience of sports construction in the UK and Italian Padel’s expertise in the construction of bespoke, fit-for-purpose padel courts, we are in the best position to develop a padel system of the highest quality.