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W Midlands manufacturers looking to hire amid 'soaring' demand


Higher demand for their services is stimulating hiring activity by West Midlands manufacturing, automotive and engineering firms, according to research.

Temporary marquee structures: just for summer?


Temporary marquee structures are a common feature of summer, but that does not mean they cannot be used at other times of the year.

Unusual temporary structures


Temporary structures come in a greater array of shapes, sizes and forms than ever before, making them more user-friendly than ever.


Before erecting a prefabricated structure, it is important to know the building regulations and comply with them.

How sports domes can work in all weathers


Advancing technology has made the use of sports domes much more versatile than was the case even a few years ago.

Sports Pavilions

Sports pavilions

No matter what kind of sports ground you operate, a covered sports pavilion could be the perfect way to ensure that athletes can get ready for their competition - or enjoy post-game drinks and discussion - in a warm, comfortable and inviting place.

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Made to last

The sports pavilions provided by CopriSystems are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be extremely durable.

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Prefabricated architecture

Since all of the CopriSystems structures are manufactured off-site using modern methods of construction, the sports pavilions can be environmentally friendly constructions that comply with BRE Environmental Assessment Methods. This also means that you will benefit from a quick build-time, causing little or no disruption to the rest of the facility.

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Prefabricated sports pavilions from CopriSystems

Opting for a prefabricated pavilion building can be one fast and easy way to improve a sports facility. In addition, the installation of such a structure could help to increase revenues. For example, the space could include a bar or cafe, or you might be able to rent out rooms for meetings or other purposes.

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