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Sports Pavilions

Sports pavilions

No matter what kind of sports ground you operate, a covered sports pavilion could be the perfect way to ensure that athletes can get ready for their competition - or enjoy post-game drinks and discussion - in a warm, comfortable and inviting place.

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Made to last

The sports pavilions provided by CopriSystems are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be extremely durable.

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Prefabricated architecture

Since all of the CopriSystems structures are manufactured off-site using modern methods of construction, the sports pavilions can be environmentally friendly constructions that comply with BRE Environmental Assessment Methods. This also means that you will benefit from a quick build-time, causing little or no disruption to the rest of the facility.

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Prefabricated sports pavilions from CopriSystems

Opting for a prefabricated pavilion building can be one fast and easy way to improve a sports facility. In addition, the installation of such a structure could help to increase revenues. For example, the space could include a bar or cafe, or you might be able to rent out rooms for meetings or other purposes.

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