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Badminton is a sport that most people learn to play at some point in their lives, often for the first time at school or in youth sports clubs.


Recognised as an Olympic sport in 1992, the professional game requires a high level of skill as players need aerobic stamina, agility and a precise aim to beat their opponents.


However, at a recreational level, it’s a relatively easy game to get the hang of and a relatively low-cost sport to start playing – provided there are facilities available.


At CopriSystems Ltd, we provide bespoke covering systems for badminton courts in a number of sizes and configurations for amateur and professional sports clubs.


Our fixed domes provide an affordable alternative to permanent buildings for indoor courts, as well as telescopic domes that offer all-weather protection for outdoor facilities.


Badminton court layouts


Standard badminton courts are rectangular in shape, with a full width of 6.1 metres and a full length of 13.4 metres. They are divided into two halves by a net 1.55 metres high.


Badminton courts are typically marked for both singles and doubles play, with the exception of some designed solely for singles matches.


Like a tennis court, each half of a badminton court contains a left and right service box. However, in badminton, these boxes are located at the back of the court, not at the front on either side of the net.


Each half also contains a short service line 1.98 metres from the net and, for doubles matches only, a long service line 0.76 metres from the back boundary.


In singles games, the long service line sits on the back boundary, while the sidelines reduce the width of the court to 5.18 metres.


Indoor badminton is usually played on a surface made from wood or bituminous material, while outdoor courts can be surfaced with concrete, turf, synthetic grass or rubber.


At CopriSystems Ltd, we can provide covers to suit all types of badminton courts, whether you need one small dome for a single court or a large cover to div a series of courts.



All-weather badminton


Professional badminton is always played indoors because wind can affect the flight of the shuttlecock, which has a ‘skirt’ made from feathers or plastic attached to a cork or foam base to create drag in the air.


Our fixed domes provide an affordable alternative to permanent buildings for indoor badminton courts and can be made insulated to keep players warm and dry.


Second membrane skins can be added for extra protection against heat loss, while bespoke lighting solutions ensure play can continue into the evening.


All our badminton structures are designed in accordance with British Standards Building Regulations for snow and wind loadings, while the high-tensile steel frames are hot dip galvanised to offer protection against corrosion. Glulam wood frames are also available.


Although our fixed domes feature sliding side curtains as standard, we can also fit curtains at the gable ends should you require more flexibility in windy conditions.


Fire doors are also included, while the covers of the domes are made from heavy-duty, flame-retardant, PVC-coated polyester fabric.


Outdoor badminton courts are typically used for recreational purposes, but although players aren’t competing on the same level, poor weather conditions can still affect the game.


Telescopic domes from CopriSystems Ltd offer a flexible solution, allowing courts to be covered quickly and easily in the event of wind or rain. Sections are pulled back by hand or electronically in less than a minute.


Buy or rent badminton court domes from CopriSystems Ltd


If you’re looking to enhance your sports club’s offerings with the addition of all-weather badminton courts, or upgrade existing facilities with brand new covers, we can help.


We can provide covers to your exact specifications, as we have been designing and manufacturing fixed and telescopic badminton court domes for a quarter of a century and are true experts in the field.


We also offer fixed and telescopic covers for multi-use sports halls, as well as football domes , and covers for netball, tennis and basketball courts and cricket pitches.


If you need help constructing your badminton courts from scratch, then we can act as principal contractors to prepare the groundwork for you and fit out pavilions , surface courts and install lights and nets.



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