Keeping up with the Rapid Growth of E-Commerce

The challenge

As the demand for e-commerce increased, so the pressure to optimise space available mounted and Aria started to experience bottlenecks in their operations process.


The solution

To install additional canopies that could cope with the influx of goods being delivered and returned.

Key facts 

  • Bulky Electrical products
  • Space required for packaging
  • Two separate canopies
  • Concertina doors
  • Quick to deploy
  • Low cost

Project overview

Aria saw a rapid increase in demand for purchasing their electricalitems online, particularly the bulkier TV’s and computers.  Customers were shunning traditional high street shopping as they realised they could avoid having to transport products home themselves and with that the risk of damaging them.

The rise of online reviews was also influential as customers became less trusting of the shop salesperson on commission and preferred to do their own independent research.

This shift in customer behaviour, while positive for business growth,posed several challenges for Aria, not least because electrical products take up a lot of space to store and package for delivery. They needed a solution that created room to load and unload vans quickly, undercover and without costing too much. 

CopriSystems provided two separate canopies, one for deliveries and one for returns, which could also be utilised for deliveries in times of high demand. 

Aria chose to have full concertina doors along the front, which could be closed off to protect packaging in bad weather and provide a safe shelter for goods to be stored and prepared for delivery in quieter times. 

The canopies were designed and installed in a matter of weeks and have enabled Aria to build their ecommerce arm of the business without any of the hold ups they encountered previously.

Fast forward 15 years and both canopies are still going strong, however with all the changes to customer online purchasing behaviour brought on by Covid-19 and the logistical issues of receiving, storing and distributing goods brought on by Brexit, Aria have had to be flexible and adapt the usage of these structures.  They have also had to expand and in August we received another order for a rear-wall mounted 6.5m wide x 6m long x 4.3m high canopy to cover a new door they installed. 

Aria Taheri, Managing Director commented “over 15 years ago, we had two canopies installed on our site by CopriSystems.  The longevity and hardwearing design of these structures made them the obvious choice for us.  We were in need of a new Canopy as we restructured our warehouse, creating a new Goods in/out section. 

The new warehouse canopy was installed quickly by the friendly installation team with little to no disruption to our operations.  The team were back a week later to double-check the installation and to see that we were happy with it.  It gives great protection from the elements and is a useful addition to our warehouse.”