Accelerating e-commerce growth

Aria sell electrical products in and around Lancashire.  They found demand for purchasing their products online, in particular TV’s and computers, was becoming increasingly popular, partially due to changing customer preferences to traditional shopping, i.e., avoiding the need to transport products home themselves and therefore risking breakage.  Also some customers prefer to avoid talking to a salesperson due to wealth of information and reviews of products available online, which allows customers to independently research their electrical purchases.

The increase in e-commerce orders posed several challenges for Aria, not least because electrical products take up a lot of space with the additional packaging required for delivery, both within the warehouse but also in the vans. Packaging is also effected by the weather and so they needed a solution that meant they could load and unload vans and wagons quickly, undercover and not at an extreme cost.

CopriSystems provided two separate canopies to help Aria cope with demand, one for deliveries and one for returns. The returns canopy could also be utilised for deliveries in times of high demand.

Aria also chose to have full concertina doors along the front, meaning in bad weather they could close off to the elements and in quieter times, prepare the goods for the next van to collect.

This solution was designed and installed in a matter of weeks and has enabled Aria to accelerate their online growth without the bottlenecks they encountered previously.