Radius Warehouse and Logistics Services

Decisive action has immediate impact

The challenge

Surplus stock was being protected by tarpaulin, which not only takes time to cover, but is not effective in the wind and rain


The solution

To install a retractable canopy that offers complete weather protection and fire resistance 

Key facts 

  • 4m wide x 5m long x 4m high
  • Ground tracks set in concrete
  • Sliding curtain door
  • Fully integrated
  • Fast turnaround

Project overview

Radius Warehouse & Logistics Services are an international freight forwarding business offering fulfilment solutions for worldwide cargo movement. When their warehouses reached full capacity, they were forced to store surplus stock outside, covered under tarpaulin, which takes significant man-power and time to manoeuvre and secure. It is also inconvenient to access and does not offer an effective long-term solution for protecting goods from the elements.

We visited them at the beginning of September 2020 and they placed an order the following day for a retractable canopy structure measuring 4m wide x 5m long x 4m high, flashed to their existing building at the rear, with curtain doors at the front. We set ground tracks into the concrete to prevent trip hazard and allow forklifts to drive over with no issues.

The whole structure was designed, built and installed by the end of October 2020.