Tennis Court Construction & Covering Systems


We can provide tennis court construction and bespoke covering systems in dimensions and heights that conform to all the requirements of the Lawn Tennis Association.


Tennis Court Construction



We offer fixed domes for indoor tennis courts and telescopic domes that provide all-weather protection for outdoor facilities, enabling play to continue come rain or shine.


Indoor Tennis Court Construction

Tennis court layouts


Tennis courts are laid out on a rectangular surface with a low net across the centre. Each equal half contains a left and right service box, where serves must land for play to continue.


A baseline marks the boundaries on the length of the court, while sidelines mark the boundaries on the width. Doubles alleys are also included, widening the court for doubles matches.
A standard court is 23.78 metres long and 10.97 metres wide, while the net is 1.07 metres high and stretches the full width of the court, regardless of whether singles or doubles games are being played.


There are four main types of tennis courts, each with their own playing surface. Grass courts are the fastest in common use and are used for outdoor tennis court construction.


Clay courts, made from crushed shale, stone or brick, are also used outdoors, although indoor tennis courts can have clay surfaces if underground watering systems are present.


Acrylic and synthetic hard courts are suitable for both outdoor tennis facilities and are the most common surface used for indoor courts.


Another option is the carpet court, which is a removable covering used in indoor arenas.


At CopriSystems, we can provide tennis court covers to suit all types of tennis courts, whether you’re building two outdoor grass courts end to end or a series of six indoor hard courts complete with spectator areas.



Peterborough Tennis Court Construction





All-weather tennis


Before all-weather covers were installed over Wimbledon’s Centre Court, play was frequently interrupted by the unpredictable UK weather. Now, matches can continue regardless of the outside conditions.


We can provide high quality tennis court covers for your facilities, enabling your players to do as the champions do and continue on whatever the weather.


Our telescopic domes are a great solution for outdoor tennis courts, providing flexible coverage whenever it’s required. Sections can be pulled back electronically in less than a minute.


All our tennis court structures are designed in accordance with British Standards Building Regulations for snow and wind loadings and made from high-tensile steel, which is hot dip galvanised for corrosion protection.


Covers are made from heavy-duty, flame-retardant, PVC-coated polyester fabric with sliding side curtains as standard. Curtains can also be fitted at the gable ends, offering better protection against the wind. Second membrane skins can also be added for extra insulation.


Purchase or rent tennis court covers from CopriSystems


If you’re looking to build a tennis court or enhance your existing facilities, we can provide you with the covering technology you need, designed to your exact specifications.


We are a leader in covered / indoor tennis court construction, having designed and manufactured fixed and telescopic domes for the sports industry for a quarter of a century.


Should you need further assistance with your projects, we can act as principal tennis court contractors and can prepare the groundwork, fit out pavilions , surface courts and install lights and nets for you.


We also provide covers and contractor services for badminton, basketball and netball courts , as well as football and cricket pitches and multi-use sports halls.


Through a partnership with Sport England, British Tennis is committed to increasing substantially the number of people playing the game, particularly children and young adults. Of course this depends on the availability of first-class tennis courts and facilities where keen sportsmen and women can develop their full potential. CopriSystems are committed to developing Tennis facilities throughout the UK to enable this vision. Please contact us to find out more.



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