Johnson Matthey

Quick install & hire

Johnson Matthey’s Process Technology Division based in Clitheroe Lancashire, which produces catalytic convertors for the automotive industry, had a requirement for a storage and secure loading facility for finished product. They had a limited capital expenditure budget and needed a facility which would keep the operations out of sight from the adjacent land and which could be in place quickly and without problems of planning.

CopriSystems proposed a scheme bespoke for them and available for rental which could be installed with minimum delay and disruption on the site. The rental agreement is tailored to a five year term with option to purchase at the end and enabled the facility to be funded from a revenue budget.

The facility, measuring 36m wide with a length of 18m is in two sections. The main section, used for loading of vehicles, has a width of 24m, a length of 18m and an internal height of 5.57m. A storage section on one side has a width of 12m, a length of 18m and a height of 4.3m. The frame is of hot-dipped galvanised steel with a heavy duty PVC coated polyester fabric under tension to increase longevity. The front access is provided by full width steel-reinforced sliding curtains of the same fabric running in a steel-lined chase in the concrete base. The rear has a fixed curtain using the same design. A roller shutter door was provided in one side together with a pedestrian side exit door. Lighting was also supplied to 150 lux.

This facility has enabled Johnson Matthey to undertake loading operations entirely protected from the weather and to store product awaiting the production process at minimum cost.